Congress ‘Targets’ IRS for 24% Funding Cut

Outrage over political targeting on tax-exempt applications from conservative groups, as well as selective leaking of confidential tax information of the National Organization for Marriage to its political foes, has given the GOP a chance to express its fundamental antipathy toward taxes and the intrusive manner in which they are collected. If one is inclined to enjoy karma in the political sense, then prepare to get cheered by House Republicans in their latest response to the IRS scandals.

irsTheir new budget proposal, released Tuesday, anticipates cutting funding to the IRS by 24 percent. The proposal also addresses another unrelated scandal at the IRS by imposing limits on conferences and bonuses after tens of millions of dollars were wasted over the last few years on both.

As Glenn Reynolds wrote on Instapundit, this is what happens when agencies stop acting objectively and start acting politically. Prior to these scandals, the IRS enjoyed a reputation as a bloodless technocracy focused on revenue collection, albeit with plenty of anecdotal evidence of apolitical abuses.

via IRS Gets a Dose of Its Own Medicine from the GOP.

House Republicans look to slash IRS budget by $3 billion in fiscal 2014

The bill would place several additional restrictions on spending at the embattled agency and prohibit employees from implementing the individual mandate in ObamaCare.

The fiscal 2014 spending bill released by House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) would allocate $9 billion for the IRS, which is $4 billion below President Obama’s budget request and more than $3 billion less than what House Republicans pushed last year. The agency received $12 billion in fiscal 2013.

The measure would also withhold 10 percent of the IRS’s enforcement budget until it fully implements the recommendations of the taxpayer watchdog that investigated the improper targeting and excessive spending on IRS conferences.

via House Republicans look to slash IRS budget by $3 billion in fiscal 2014 – The Hill’s On The Money.

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