George Zimmerman – Guilty or Not Guilty – Vote Here

George Zimmerman – Guilty or Not Guilty – Vote Here

george-zimmermanNow that the George Zimmerman Murder Trial has gone to the Jury and we are awaiting a verdict, we are wondering that you think the outcome of the trial will be.

Guilty of second degree murder, Guilty of Manslaughter, Not Guilty, or Mistrial

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  1. if it was your kid being followed at night and had someone on the phone so he can feel ok about stoping to ask why you following me then you hear the kid yell get off me and yell out help follow by a gun shot.come on yall know what happen you dont want to lead the person to your house thats following you so you stop to ask are you, then zimmerman phone hangs up he need 10 seconds to get to his car instead it took 2:01 because he keep following the scared boy he was tryin to make the kid hit him so he can have justifable reason to shoot.