Leftists Claim Zimmerman Car Rescue Story Is A Hoax

As TheBlaze points out, Rush Limbaugh called this one and no sooner than he did, the “insane left” proved him right, by claiming the whole George Zimmerman helping rescue a family from a car accident, was a hoax!

Liberal Radio host Bill Press and his guests are the ones that proved Rush correct, by first downplaying the incident, and saying ““I would hope that if you come across a car accident that anybody, even a murderer, would get out and help them out.”

Obviously Mr. Press missed the whole jury finding Zimmerman not guilty verdict which set off riots across the country.

Family George Zimmerman helped save from overturned SUV
Family George Zimmerman helped save from overturned SUV

Then they jumped off the cliff, with Press asking his panel “Alright, I know I’m going to get in trouble for this. Do you really think this happened?”

Peter Ogburn, executive producer of the Bill Press show says “No!! Yeah, I don’t think so. It smells, it stinks to high heaven.”

Then the managing editor of Think Progress, Ivor Volsky, wanted to know why there were no pictures or video of the accident.

Were they joking or serious? Listen for yourself to the audio below.

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