Filmmakers Call on RNC to “Free Raffi Williams!”

GOP’s Minority and Youth Gaps Not Being Publicly Addressed or Solved
Trenton, NJ – July 30, 2013–Fear Of A Black Republican filmmakers, Kevin and Tamara Williams urge the Republican National Committee to free its Deputy Press Secretary in charge of communications outreach to African American and young voters. Raffi Williams (no relation to the two Filmmakers) was hired by the Republican National Committee earlier this year and charged with improving the Republican Party’s relationship with African American and other minorities.
Since that time, the RNC also hired other employees for its highly-publicized $10 million Growth & Opportunity campaign to make the Party more attractive to voters who look like the changing face of a diverse America. However, as the head of the minority outreach, Raffi Williams has made few national television media appearances and did not attend the annual NAACP Convention nor publicly speak to the assembled Urban League Convention held last week.raffiwilliamsFilmmaker Jennifer Williams said, “Earlier this year, the Republican National Committee committed to spending $10,000,000 on outreach to minority groups but we’ve seen no real action. Instead, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is back to the same passive routines, ignoring new voters and traveling to Iowa to prepare for the 2016 Presidential Campaign and the 2014 mid-term elections. If our Chairman won’t speak to African Americans in a public forum, why not let Raffi Williams?”
In January 2013, before the RNC’s Winter Meeting, Kevin and Tamara Williams asked the RNC to get serious about engaging minorities. “Soon the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists will be holding their annual conventions. Will the RNC blow off these important minority gatherings? Again, we call upon the RNC to lead from the front and send our Party’s Chairman or a qualified representative like Raffi Williams to speak to the Convention body and then meet with the journalists attending both Conventions,” said the filmmakers.
Producer Tamara Williams said, “With unemployment being as bad as it is for African Americans and minorities in cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and Trenton… it is inconceivable why the Republican Party would not forcefully take its message to as many people as possible.” Co-Producer, Jennifer Williams, went further, “The clock is running on the RNC to do what they’ve been promising for six months to start earning the black, minority and youth votes. The RNC hired Raffi Williams to play a high-profile role, yet most of our country has never heard of him. Raffi and others were hired to bring the Party of Lincoln back to its roots of inclusion. Our message is simple… Free Raffi Williams!”
The Filmmakers also stated that they are issuing this call without Raffi Williams’ assent, knowledge or request. Producer Tamara Williams stated, “No one may have asked the RNC to attend African American-centric conferences, but the RNC should make every effort to show up at these events. During the RNC Summer Meeting next month in Boston, RNC staff should be publicly meeting with minorities in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood to show they are serious about inclusion and preparing our Party for the future America to come.”
For more information or to contact Kevin and Tamara Williams, Producers of FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN, please e-mail them at or phone at (609).635.9750. The film’s website is
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The film and its filmmakers have received Print, TV and Radio coverage from the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Current TV’s The War Room With Jennifer Granholm, BET News, LA Weekly, Huffington Post Live, Christian Broadcasting Network’s The Brody Files, Al Jazeera’s INSIDE STORY, the Mark Davis Radio Show, Steve Deace Show, Michael Eric Dyson Show, Bob Grant Show, Chris Stigall Show, Victoria Taft Show, The Voice of Russia and many others.
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  1. There are so many problems with this I don’t know where to begin. This is a page full of ignorance. First of all… Raffi is NOT the head of the minority outreach, and its not even his primary focus. Second you think Reince Preibus is going to the same places? Really? He’s done 3 Black townhall events, and attended the NAACP and National Urban League… along side the actual head of minority outreach. Instead of criticizing everything the RNC does on outreach, why don’t you actually lend a hand. Why don’t you raise money & hold fundraisers? Why don’t you have Black townhalls? Why don’t you register voters? Instead of actually helping the cause, you sit back and throw shots from the peanut gallery. Pathetic! This is EXACTLY why no one in the national Republican Party takes Black Republicans seriously. Most of them are all talk and no action!

    • “Instead of criticizing everything the RNC does on outreach, why don’t you actually lend a hand. Why don’t you raise money & hold fundraisers? Why don’t you have Black townhalls? Why don’t you register voters?”

      Actually the writer has done all of these things and writes out of frustration… 3 whole town halls? Are you serious? Where? When? You really think 3 town halls is adequate for even 1 town on America, let alone an entire nation?

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