Rodham, McAuliffe sought VISA for Chinese Exec tagged Security Threat

The foreign-investment arm of Terry McAuliffe’s electric-car company sought a U.S. visa for an executive in a Chinese telecom firm that was the subject of a House national-security investigation.

mcaulifferodham1Emails obtained by Sen. Charles Grassley and released by NBC News show that Anthony Rodham’s Gulf Coast Funds Management requested a visa for a vice president of Huawei Technologies. The Chinese firm has been investigated by a House committee over allegations that it is closely tied to the Chinese intelligence services and poses a national-security threat.

Huawei has denied the claims, according to NBC. Simone Williams, general counsel for Gulf Coast, reportedly said her McLean, Va.-based company “was not aware of any investigation by Department of Homeland Security.”

Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and National Security Agency, “believes Chinese telecommunications manufacturer Huawei Technologies is a significant security threat to Australia and the U.S., has spied for the Chinese government, and intelligence agencies have hard evidence of its activities,” according to an Australian news report this month.

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Obama nominee faces investigation involving company run by brother of Hillary Clinton

President Barack Obama’s nominee to be the Homeland Security Department’s No. 2 official is under investigation over alleged intervention to obtain approval for a company run by a brother of Hillary Clinton to participate in a program that provides U.S. visas for foreign investors, according to an email the department’s inspector general sent to lawmakers Monday night and obtained by NBC News.

The investigation into Alejandro Mayorkas – who currently serves as director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS), an agency within Homeland Security – was opened in September 2012 based on a referral from an FBI counterintelligence analyst, according to the email. The inspector general probe was first reported by The Associated Press.

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Homeland Security nominee is linked to visa for Chinese investor

Mr. Mayorkas, a former U.S. attorney in California, once faced questions about his involvement in President Clinton’s commutation of the prison sentence of a Democratic Party donor’s son.

Another of Mrs. Clinton’s brothers, Hugh Rodham, was hired by that donor to lobby for the son’s commutation, and Mr. Mayorkas asked the prosecuting U.S. attorney in Minnesota not to oppose the commutation. He told lawmakers during his 2009 confirmation hearing that “it was a mistake” to talk with the White House about the request.

The EB-5 visa program allows foreigners to get visas if they invest $500,000 to $1 million in projects or businesses that create jobs in America. The amount of the investment required depends on the type of project. Investors who are approved for the program can become legal permanent residents, or green card holders, after two years and then later become eligible to apply for citizenship.

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