Former Obama strategist linked to homophobic political ad

David Cameron‘s new star signing, the election strategist behind President Barack Obama‘s victories, has become embroiled in allegations of a homophobic past just days into his appointment.

messina_obamaJim Messina, who managed the Obama campaigns in 2008 and 2012, was on Saturday night dealing with allegations – first made in 2002, repeated in 2012 and now being retold on Twitter – that he was behind what has become known as the most homophobic political advert in US history. Messina was unveiled as a consultant to the Tory party on Friday.

The damaging allegations date from Messina’s time as chief of staff for Democrat senator Max Baucus of Montana, just over a decade ago. He allegedly put together a political advert in which a rival candidate, Mike Taylor, was shown applying lotion to a man’s face, then appearing to reach towards the man’s groin, while a voiceover said: “Not the way we do business in Montana.”

The footage of Taylor had been taken from an advert for the politician’s hairdressing business. The Denver Post reported at the time: “Only the most naive adult would miss the implication that Taylor is a homosexual … The supposedly inclusive Democrats deftly played on the right’s homophobia.”

After the advert aired, Taylor dropped out of the election, which Baucus won.

via New Tory guru Jim Messina linked to homophobic political advert | Politics | The Observer.

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