Gingrich rethinking Neoconservative Views on military interventions

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich says he’s reconsidering his neoconservative views regarding the benefits gained from U.S. military interventions as a way to promote democracy in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Newt-Gingrich-DebateGingrich believes the methods he has long been a supporter of have backfired and require re-evaluation, the Washington Times reports.

“I am a neoconservative,” Gingrich told the Times. “But at some point, even if you are a neoconservative, you need to take a deep breath to ask if our strategies in the Middle East have succeeded.”

Gingrich, who backed the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, said he has become increasingly skeptical about the strategy of attempting to export democracy by force to countries where religion and culture clash with Western values.

“It may be that our capacity to export democracy is a lot more limited than we thought,” Gingrich said.

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