PPP: Alaskans can you see Russia from your house?

Anyone who has lived in Alaska knows about the Diomede Islands, two islands, one in Alaska and the other in Russia, separated by a few miles.

tina_fey_sarah_palinThe Myth that Sarah Palin said, “I can see Russia from my House” actually came from a SNL skit.  Palin said that you can see Russia from parts of Alaska when she spoke of her unique position as an Alaskan governor who had a greater sense of national security issue than her counterparts in the lower forty-eight.

Having lived in Alaska myself, I can attest that Russian influence and knowledge of our friends to the west is much greater in the last frontier.  But every attempt to make Sarah Palin look stupid continues.

Public Policy Polling (ranked most accurate polling organization in 2012 election) recently asked Alaskans if they could see Alaska from their homes.  Twelve percent said they could.

Roll out the leftist giggles and snarky remarks.  Seems the left loves to attack conservative women.  Sadly, PPP appears to be no exception.

Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house? The last time we heard that one we laughed so hard we fell off our dinosaurs.

Public Policy Polling has a penchant for appending some curveballs to its polls, but in its recent survey of 890 Alaska voters, PPP wrapped things up by asking if voters could see Russia from their homes, and then copied @SarahPalinUSA on the result…..

A more enlightening poll question might be to ask how many voters know that line comes from a “Saturday Night Live” skit, and that what Palin told ABC’s Charlie Gibson was that “you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska.” Hilarious, huh?

See the rest at   Twitchy.

No, we are not kidding, PPP REALLY asked the question:

-And finally 12% of Alaskans say they can see Russia from their houses to 87% who can’t. That’s comparable to the 11% who said they could see Russia when we polled on the question in 2010.

Full results here

via Alaska Miscellany – Public Policy Polling.

PPP asks its blog readers to suggest questions to ask in polls,  Choosing this question as a joke or a control points to immature and unprofessional pollsters at an organization that has come into some success.  Frankly, we were surprised.

Hopefully, the negative media attention they are receiving we prevent them from pulling this type of veiled partisan attack on conservative women in the future.


or maybe… are they 58 states?

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