Hasan standby attorneys want to be removed from Duties

Defense attorneys in the Fort Hood Shooting trial want to be removed from their duties to assist as it appears he is working to get the death penalty.

Court has been canceled the rest of the day and will resume at 9 a.m. Thursday.

Defense lawyers say Hasan seeks death penalty

nidal-hasanFORT HOOD — In a surprising development, Maj. Nidal Hasan’s standby counsel team is asking that its role in the capital murder trial be modified, based on concern that Hasan is intentionally seeking the death penalty in his court-martial.

The military judge, Col. Tara Osborn, ordered the court cleared so she could conduct a hearing on the matter.

It remains to be seen how the motion filed by Lt. Col Kris Poppe and two other lawyers on Hasan’s standby counsel will impact the high-profile trial on its second day. Poppe, Hasan’s former lead defense attorney, has long expressed misgivings about the role of his team since Hasan sought to represent himself earlier this year.

In a discussion outside the jury’s presence, Poppe told the judge it became clear when testimony began Tuesday that Hasan was attempting to remove obstacles to the death penalty — something the standby defense team finds “repugnant.”

He said Hasan, who has seldom raised objections or questioned witnesses or prospective jury members, has been “engaging to working toward the death penalty.”

That statement drew a defiant reaction from Hasan, who is serving as his own attorney, with a standby counsel team present.

via Houston Chronicle.

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