Combat Vets say Vietnam heroism deserves MoH

By Taylor Kearns – email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – In 41 years, Col. Bill Collier has never talked about his experience in Vietnam.

Maj. Bill Collier in Vietnam in 1972 (Media Credit: WIS)
Maj. Bill Collier in Vietnam in 1972 (Media Credit: WIS)

“I didn’t want to talk about it,” he said. “When you lose as many guys, those are painful memories. That was 41 years ago. What’s the point? I put all this stuff in a box. Sealed it up. Sealed up my mind, too.”

It wasn’t until he started a combat veterans support group at Northeast Presbyterian that he opened up.  Initially, he wanted to help the younger veterans.

“I’m convinced helping these guys means a combat vet talking to a combat vet,” said Collier. “There’s an understanding there that’s hard to explain.”

That understanding allowed Collier to dig out a dusty old recording of a debrief of a mission no one had read about, and one Collier’s fellow veterans couldn’t believe.

“We all just sat there, across the board, and said, ‘This is a medal of honor,'” said Col. Steve Vitali.

It was 1972. American combat troops were goneand peace talks were going on in Paris. Collier, then a Major, was a U.S. Army advisor to the Mo Duc district of Vietnam.

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