Who really ‘Counts’ at the White House? Ask Mark Knoller

Politisite has a Twitter column dedicated to @MarkKnoller.  In this article you may get an idea of the reasons we follow his every tweet.  At the end of the article, we have included some of Knoller’s recent and most interesting Tweets.


CHRIS WALLACE, “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” MODERATOR: “Whenever a president does something like hold a press conference or head to Camp David or even go for a round of golf, there is someone in the White House keeping count of exactly how many times he’s done it. But it isn’t some White House official. No, it’s our Power Player of the Week” Mark Knoller

knollerWho’s Counting? At the White House, It’s Mark Knoller

“Mark, when was President Obama’s last full news conference?” asks a reporter from Reuters who, apparently on deadline, has just popped into the cramped press booth Mark Knoller shares with two colleagues from CBS News in the back of the White House Press Room.

“March 6, 2012,” Knoller says without looking up from his computer screen as he updates his Twitter feed. “It was 44 minutes long. It was in the briefing room.”

Knoller explains that although Obama held his first post-election news conference this afternoon, November 14, none of his interactions with reporters since March 6 count as a full-on news conference. They can only be described as limited question periods, unscheduled appearances in the briefing room, or impromptu exchanges. The Reuters reporter doesn’t ask, but Knoller could tell him exactly how many of those there were.

“Okay, March 6,” the reporter says. “That’s what we’ll go with. We’re counting on you.”

I turn to Knoller, who is typing a tweet while listening to three evening news broadcasts from a bank of TVs above his desk. “Do you get a lot of questions like that?” I ask.

He chuckles softly and shrugs, as if to say, “You think anyone else keeps track of this stuff?”

• • •

No one does—not in such comprehensive detail. Not in the White House press corps and not on the White House staff, either. Which explains why a steady stream of reporters, presidential staffers, and even press secretaries have routinely e-mailed or dropped in on Knoller for the past 16 years seeking facts about the daily life of the President of the United States.

Knoller—who reports for CBS on the Web, radio, and occasionally TV—is the unofficial records keeper of the presidency, the statistics savant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Nearly every day, he logs every movement, act, and utterance of the commander in chief in an obsessively detailed archive of text files and spreadsheets.

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Mark Knoller even counts how many times Obama called Republicans “Slurpee Sippers”

To hear President Obama tell it, Slurpees are the beverage of choice of obstructionist Republicans.

In each of 20 political speeches over the last two months, Mr. Obama has included a riff in which he portrays GOP leaders as sipping Slurpees while hard-working Democrats struggle to pull the economy out of a ditch.

“We’re down there. It’s hot. We were sweating. Bugs everywhere. We’re down there pushing, pushing, pushing on the car. Every once in a while we’d look up and see the Republicans standing there. They’re just standing there fanning themselves — sipping on a Slurpee.”

The line never fails to get a laugh, as it did Thursday afternoon at a Democratic rally at Bowie State University in Maryland. His audience laughs and Mr. Obama does too. He clearly gets a kick out of the image of GOP leaders sipping a slushy, ice-cold Slurpee while Democrats like himself nearly kill themselves to pull the economy out of the ditch of the GOP’s making.

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Mark Knoller Bio

Mark Knoller is an award-winning White House Correspondent for CBS News. He has reported for CBS Radio News, “Up To The Minute” and to the weekend editions of the “CBS Evening News” and “The Early Show”

During his career as a reporter, he has covered every President since Gerald Ford. Knoller came to CBS News in 1988 after 13 years as a correspondent with the Associated Press Radio Network, where he was on the front lines of national news coverage — everything from Presidential campaigns and hurricanes to the death and funeral of Elvis Presley.

via Mark Knoller – CBS News.

Selected Tweets from Mark Knoller Twitter Stream

Mark Knoller Takes a Little time off… How many days has it been now? Outrageous!

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