Why Don Lemon Is Right about Blacks in America

Who Cares What Jay Z Thinks & Why Don Lemon Is Right about Blacks in America

By Crystal Wright

The fact blacks praised Jay Z for his comments on the Zimmerman verdict and bashed CNN’s Don Lemon for pointing out the problems blacks bring on themselves is exactly what’s wrong with “Black America.”

no_talking_pointsI’ve always rejected the news media and self-appointed black leaders’ persistent efforts in relegating blacks into a group of political zombies, void individualism and personal responsibility. But against the back drop of the George Zimmerman murder trial of Trayvon Martin and the race hustlers’ desperate attempt to turn the “event”  into a white on black hate crime,  the ugly scab of black culture was revealed.

This fake race war also brought out the worst behavior in black Americans who called people like me and Don Lemon, “house niggas, sellouts, and Uncle Toms” among other unsavory names for daring to offer constructive criticism and say blacks are their own worst nightmare and need to take responsibility for their bad behavior!

During his CNN show this weekend, Lemon admitted now the trial was over he felt he could offer some “tough love” about the ills facing the black race. He said he didn’t want to do that during the trial because it was a “deflection” from what happened to Trayvon.

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