Watch Live: Islamist protesters clash with Egyptian military

Muslim Brotherhood clash with Egyptian Military

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt says that the “Day of Rage” protests will be extended everyday for the next week. Eygyptian security forces say the death toll on Friday is approximately 60 following nearly 600 left dead following clashes between Islamists and Egyptian Military.

Video: Egypt clashes: Watch live scenes from Cairo as Islamist protesters march against military

Muslim Brotherhood clash with Egyptian MilitaryLive scenes from the Egyptian capital show thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters marching from northeast Cairo towards the centre chanting “down with military rule” as the country braces for mass protests over Wednesday’s crackdown on the Islamists.

Egypt’s military has bolstered its presence in the capital in anticipation of clashes after protesters torched the Giza governorate headquarters on Thursday.

More than 500 people are believed to have died after security forces forcibly broke up the Muslim Brotherhood camp at Rabaa al-Adawiya in northeast Cairo and another camp near Cairo University on Wednesday.

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Egypt Unrest Live

Latest updates on the political upheaval in Egypt.

Latest updates: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood called for a week of nationwide protests. Friday’s “Day of Rage” followed a violent crackdown by government forces on sit-in protests and demonstrations held by those in support of the ousted President Mursi. The protests were in multiple cities across Egypt.

The past week’s violence left more than 600 people, including police, dead.

On Friday alone, at least 50 people have been reported killed in Cairo, five in Fayoum, eight in Damietta, five in Alexandria, and five in Ismailia.


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