ComScore: Yahoo beats Google for first time since 2008

Folks over at Yahoo properties are yelling YAHOO tonight as Yahoo bests Google for the first time since 2008 according to ComScore

yahoo-vs-googleThis news was brought to our attention by Marketing Journal, which also reported that Yahoo hasn’t been number one for five years. Google took over the top spot in spring 2008, and has remained there ever since.

All the press and hype around Yahoo appears to be paying off.

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Yahoo Beats Google to Take Top Spot in US Web Rankings

In June, Google led with 193 million visitors, while Yahoo had 189 million. In July 2012, Google had an estimated 190 million uniques and Yahoo took third with 163 million.

Mayer has been busy at Yahoo over the past year with a steady stream of acquisitions, the largest of which was Tumblr back in May. comScore has confirmed that Yahoo’s figure does not include traffic from Tumblr, which ranked 28th with 38 million uniques.

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Yahoo beats Google in traffic

In an earnings call last month, Mayer noted that Yahoo page views were rising after more than a year of declines, citing recently refreshed versions of Yahoo mail, weather, sports, news and Tumblr, both on desktop and mobile.

The revamped Yahoo mail app for tablets, for instance, brought a 120% increase in daily active Yahoo mail users, according to the company.

Mayer has repeatedly said that she wants the company to focus on consumers’ “daily habits” in order to make products that will become a part of users’ routines.

Yahoo’s stock was down slightly Wednesday, but is up more than 80% from a year ago.via Yahoo beats Google in traffic


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