White House Leaking Entire Syria Military Strike Plan

Nearly any third-grader can put together President Obama’s strategy in Syria.  One only has to follow the White House Obama Administration leaks –

  • The Attack will come as early as Thursday
  • Last approximately three days
  • Strike fifty sites that including Assad’s Air Power and Communications infrastructure
  • Use Long Range Bombers as well as Missiles

For an administration that says it abhors leaks, the White House leaks like a sieve.  With all the leaking secrets in the Obama Administration, we are wondering why Edward Snowden is the criminal.

whitehouseleaksOh, but others are saying that this is all part of the strategy… These are not the REAL plans.  The White House is leaking misinformation.  Yeah, Like Osama Bin Laden details!.

This From the WSJ:

An American military attack on Syria could begin as early as Thursday and will involve three days of missile strikes, according to “senior U.S. officials” talking to NBC News. The Washington Post has the bombing at “no more than two days,” though long-range bombers could “possibly” join the missiles. “Factors weighing into the timing of any action include a desire to get it done before the president leaves for Russia next week,” reports CNN, citing a “senior administration official.”

The New York Times, quoting a Pentagon official, adds that “the initial target list has fewer than 50 sites, including air bases where Syria’s Russian-made attack helicopters are deployed.” The Times adds that “like several other military officials contacted for this report, the official agreed to discuss planning options only on condition of anonymity.”

Thus do the legal and moral requirements of secret military operations lose out in this Administration to the imperatives of in-the-know spin and political gestures.

It’s always possible that all of this leaking about when, how and for how long the U.S. will attack Syria is an elaborate head-fake, like Patton’s ghost army on the eve of D-Day, poised for the assault on Calais. But based on this Administration’s past behavior, such as the leaked bin Laden raid details, chances are most of this really is the war plan.

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Commentary Magazine – Why Is Obama Leaking Syria Plans?

After years of inaction on atrocities in Syria, President Obama is finally prepared to act. The reason for this decision is clear: having said that the use of chemical weapons was a “red line” that the Assad regime could not cross, the evidence that he has done so has convinced the president that his already diminished credibility would be destroyed if he did nothing. But the leaks coming from figures inside the administration detailing what this reaction will entail raise more questions about the president’s policies than anything else. First among them is why what the New York Times describes as “a wide range of officials” have been empowered to lay out the plan, time, and extent of the attacks on the Syrian army.

As the Wall Street Journal notes in an editorial today, the leaks make the administration’s pursuit of Edward Snowden seem hypocritical, since the giving away of operational military plans strikes one as being every bit as dangerous, if not more so, than his giveaway of secrets about the National Security Agency’s counter-terror operations. But there is more to the leaks than mere hypocrisy. The signals emanating from the White House and the Pentagon constitute more than clear warnings to Damascus about what will happen. They are an attempt to spin the impending strikes to a skeptical American public that polls say wants no part of any involvement in the Syrian civil war no matter what horrors the participants have employed. If this were a novel, we might speculate the information coming from Washington is part of a plan of deception covering a more ambitious plan, but this isn’t a novel and no one in this administration appears to be that clever. Instead, what we are faced with is a military action whose purpose is to have as little effect on the war in Syria and the future of the Assad regime as possible. If true, it is hard to argue with those who will ask why the president is putting U.S. forces in jeopardy to accomplish so little.

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McCain: Why Is Obama Revealing Syrian Strategy to Assad?

He (McCain) went on to criticize the president for broadcasting his military strategy via leaks in the press.

“All of these leaks, when strikes are going to take place, what’s going to be used,” McCain said with exasperation. “If I were Bashar al-Assad, I think I would declare tomorrow a snow day and keep everything from work.”

“This is crazy,” McCain added. “These leaks are just crazy.”

Asked about some of the Islamist elements in the Syrian opposition, McCain agreed that the rebels did have some extremist elements. However, he pressed back strongly against the suggestion that Syria’s rebel forces were linked with Al Qaeda.

“Look, I met these people,” McCain said. “I went into Syria. I know general [Salem] Idris. He’s not a radical, nor are the people that work for him.”

McCain concluded by saying that he believed that the War Powers Act was “murky” on whether the president needs to seeks Congressional consent to strike Syria. He said, however, that Obama should be consulting with Congress before taking action.

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