Kim Jong-un Has Ex-Girlfriend Executed

Now there is a Real example of what a “war on women” looks like.  Kim Jong-un Has Ex-Girlfriend Executed!

kim-jong-unThere’s a lesson in here somewhere, like always be careful because the chubby nerd you are dating might one day succeed his father as dictator and have you executed or maybe North Korea has a war on “womanzes,” etc.

Two weeks ago North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un (deux, trois?)had his former lover Hyon Song-wol rounded up with eleven other people (including the rest of her musical group). The trumped up reason for the arrests was breaking the laws against pornography. Three days later the dozen of them were machine-gunned down by firing squad. Er…a little harsh don’t you think? He could have just taken away their internet access or something like that..

Hyon Song-wol a singer with North Korea’s most famous pop group (the Unhasu Orchestra) starred in the video of the 2005 hit ‘A Girl In The Saddle Of A Steed’ which is embedded below.

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