Obama Doctrine: Forget Everything I said about Iraq!

President Obama has been trying to build an international coalition of supporters for proposed actions in Syria with few on-board.  On Thursday, the British said they would not be coming to Obama’s aid on Syria.  Obama probably wishes he didn’t send that Bust of Winston Churchill back to the UK or the other nine things Britain thought were insulting.

obama_doctrineThe United Nations can’t seem to get a resolution together and Congress hasn’t been called back to special session to draft a resolution to allow the President to act on Syria.

We see the Obama Doctrine being drafted about now: “Forget EVERYTHING I said about Iraq.”

What did Obama say about the Iraq war?

In 2007 then Senator Obama said,  “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation,” He added that a President can only act unilaterally in “instances of self-defense.”

Senator Biden Agreed,  “The president has no constitutional authority to take this country to war… unless we’re attacked or unless there is proof that we are about to be attacked”.  Biden also remarked that if Bush would go to war without Congress approval, he would seek to impeach him.

The Daily Caller in an article entitled, ‘Obama and his team contradict past statements on war powers‘ said that this is not a new position for Biden.

He delivered a speech before the Senate outlining Congress’ powers to declare war back in 1998.“Given this,” Biden said at the time, “the only logical conclusion is that the framers intended to grant to Congress the power to initiate all hostilities, even limited wars.”

In an Article by the Guardian,  ‘Obama’s Syria plans in disarray after Britain rejects use of force‘ interestingly tagged by The Drudge Report, “The Obama Doctrine” says:

Caitlin Hayden, a spokeswoman for Obama’s national security council, indicated the administration would consider acting unilaterally. “The US will continue to consult with the UK government – one of our closest allies and friends. As we’ve said, President Obama’s decision-making will be guided by what is in the best interests of the United States.

“He believes that there are core interests at stake for the United States and that countries who violate international norms regarding chemical weapons need to be held accountable.”

Well it seems the President can act unilaterally, something Obama said he would never do. Maybe this whole thing has nothing to do about the constitution, congress, building a coalition, or getting UN approval.  Maybe this whole Syria thing is because Obama placed a Red line in the sand and he doesn’t want to look weak to world leaders.    Because he wants the Syria attack to be just muscular enough not to get mocked.

No matter, the Obama Doctrine is Clear:

Forget everything I said about Iraq.

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