Obama to seek Congressional Authorization to Attack Syria

President Barack Obama has come to the understanding that there is indeed a constitution to abide by in the United States.  While the President says the United States “should take military action against Syrian targets” in a Rose Garden address Saturday.  He said that he would seek Congressional approval when the Congress comes back from recess the first week in September.

This is an example of how a presidential candidates words can come back to haunt him.  Both Obama and then Senator Biden specifically said that then President Bush could not act on Iraq unless he sought Congressional approval.  Biden proclaimed that if Bush sent troops to Iraq without such approval, he would seek impeachment.

Obama to seek congressional authorization to attack Syria

Obama-Rose-GardenOfficials in the Obama administration and on Capitol Hill say President Barack Obama intends to seek congressional approval for action against Syria.

Obama will speak on the developments in Syria from the Rose Garden on Saturday.

The officials insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak ahead of the president

via  ABC News.

“We should have this debate,” Obama said.

More consultations are needed with Congress and allies before any “response” is taken regarding Syria, a senior U.S. official told CNN Saturday before Obama’s statement. It was not clear what implications that might have for the timing of any possible U.S. strike.

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In reversal, Obama to seek congressional OK for Syria strike

The president’s comments came after more than a week of deliberations in which he sought the support of allies such as Britain and France, and consulted with congressional leaders. The British Parliament voted on Thursday not to participate with the U.S. in any military action against Syria; French President Francois Holland voiced his support for a move.

The White House also has scheduled a classified briefing with key lawmakers in Congress for 2 p.m. Sunday.

An anticipated attack by the U.S. has prompted concerns about Syria’s potential responses. Israel has canceled weekend leave for its military members, and Israelis have been lining up for hours to obtain
government-issued gas masks.

As the president spoke, demonstrators could be heard outside the north fence of the White House, shouting “hands off Syria” and other slogans. The president at one point said he believed he did not need
congressional authorization to respond militarily to the suspected Syrian chemical attack, but said the U.S. position would be stronger if lawmakers endorsed his move. Mr. Obama ignored a question from the
press after his remarks about whether he would move forward if Congress did not authorize a strike.

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