Clemson Tigers Beat Georgia Bulldogs in Death Valley

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Clemson Tigers beat the Georgia Bulldogs in Death Valley.  The game was hard fought and no one can doubt this was a top ten ranked game.  Clemson scored first and the Bulldogs responded point for point until there was a fumbled field goal attempt by Georgia.  That mistake was enough to secure an upset win for the Tigers and a difficult loss for UGA.

When it was all over the scoreboard read Clemson 38 Georgia 35.

This from Fox Blogs:

When the moment arrived, we remembered why Death Valley was supposed to be college football’s center Saturday evening. It wasn’t for most of the day.

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The center had shifted west, to a baking Texas town hungry to get its Heisman back. He did come back, after a one-half suspension. He did pierce Rice for three touchdown passes in little more than a quarter, and he augmented those touchdown passes with gestures and taunts, earning an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and the newly sharpened wrath of Internet pundits.

Yes, whatever Johnny Manziel does now is news, particularly when it involves pantomiming the act for which he was recently suspended. And so Twitter exploded, and for a while, we were all consumed.

But five hours later, as Dabo Swinney prepared to lead his players in a charge down from Howard’s Rock and into a nighttime fight with No. 5 Georgia, into a season that bears a tangible championship burden for No. 8 Clemson, some of that Johnny mania had faded. Not all, but some.

Because it was then that we remembered Week 1 meant more than just Manziel. Clemson-Georgia was always the best game on the docket. For months, you could feel its weight on paper. You couldn’t help feel the magnitude. Here, watch this and try:

For me, as a fan, Clemson’s 38-35 victory over Georgia was by far the pinnacle of college football’s first week, not Manziel.

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