Tucker-ed Carlson catches some Zzz on Fox and Friends

Tucker Carlson fall asleep on the set of Fox and Friends

Tucker Carlson the Libertarian pundit and editor of the Daily Caller took a short snooze on Fox and Friends Saturday morning.  Carlson had filled in for the Hannity and probably took in some of the New York City after dark atmosphere following the show.  He has probably come to the realization that  he can’t hang like the young folk.

carlsonAccording to the producers of Fox and Friends, no one has ever fallen asleep during the show, let alone while on air. When coming back from break, Carlson had his head tucked (see what we did there) on his chest.  The co-host Mike Jerrick asked in a low voice, “is he really asleep.”  As is per usual one could hear the crew giggling and laughing.   Alisyn Camerota wondered if they “were being bad co-hosts,” if they were to wake him.

When Tucker woke he still thought they were in a commercial break but soon found out they were live.

We like Tucker Carlson and thought we had to razz him just a little.  I just ask Tucker to be well rested if he ever does an interview with Politisite!

No, we are not the only ones to cover the story…. sorry Tucker, seems you are in the news!

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