Reid, Boehner won’t meet Russians on Syria

Russian diplomats appealed to congressional leaders to see alternative data the Syrian chemical weapons deployment that contradicts the Obama administration’s position that the attack was perpetrated by Assad’s government forces.

Boehner ReidMichael Steel Speaker Boehner’s spokesman said, “The speaker has declined the Russian embassy’s request that he meet with a delegation.”

Senate majority leader Harry Reid held a similar position by denying a request to meet with the delegation.

According to a report from CNN, the diplomats will be visiting the capital sometime next week to meet with a 100-page report in hand that says the chemical attack was perpetrated by the Syrian Rebels. Since congressional leaders will not meet them, they intend to meet with anyone in congress who chooses to be briefed on the alternative view.

The report outlines that the Syrian Rebels obtained Sarin gas from Saudi Arabia and had some sort of accident that exposed some 1400 people to the deadly gas.

Last week, Politisite identified video and evidence that seems to point to the Syrian Rebels as the culprits behind the gas attack.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, denied that the Syrian Rebels have al Qaeda elements in their mists. Reporters on the ground have reported that Assad was winning the war against the rebels and most had dispersed and were replaced by al Qaeda affiliated groups.

A video posted by the New York Times seems to confirm the brutality of the Syrian Rebels by performing mass executions of captured soldiers, a signature of Muslim extremists.

So what is keeping the Obama administration and congress from hearing out an alternative view?  Seems the Russian evidence would place doubt on Obama’s conclusions and cause Congress to potentially deny approval for an action in Syria.

Seems that President Obama has chose sides on Syria, facts be damned, this from a President who as a Senator called Iraq a “Dumb War.”  Then Senator Obama said he is not opposed to all war, just dumb ones.

Obama, the smartest man in the room, can’t seem to see that the “dumb war” in Iraq is soon to become his “dumb war” in Syria.

UPDATE:  Congress doesn’t have to worry about dealing with the Russians at the U.S. Capital.  Seems the Russian government has nixed the parliamentary delegation on Syria.

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