Assad: Not a Shred of Evidence we used Chemical Weapons

(CBS News) Syria’s President Bashar Assad denied his regime’s use of chemical weapons in a wide-ranging interview with CBS News’ Charlie Rose. Assad issued a chilling warning for theU.S. to “expect everything in response to a potential strike on Syria and repeatedly told Rose the Obama administration lacks irrefutable evidence to back up charges of chemical weapons use.

The White House says more than 1,400 Syrian civilians were killed in a chemical weapons attack outside Damascus on August 21 using sarin gas.

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Syrian President Bashar Assad: There’s no evidence I used chemical weapons

The Obama administration and Secretary of State John Kerry insist they have ample evidence the Syrian government used sarin gas in the attack and killed more than 1,400 Syrian civilians.

Mr. Assad said it unfair to accept the White House’s assertions wholesale while disregarding what he says. Drawing parallels with the Iraq War, Mr. Assad said he is “disappointed” that Mr. Obama is, in his view, following Mr. Bush’s doctrine by trying to intervene in the region without firm proof of chemical weapons.

Mr. Assad said the majority of Americans don’t want to engage in war, anywhere, and the Congress is supposed to represent their constituents’ interests.

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