Kerry Syria Proposal was a Pre-Planned Media Event

Syria said it has accepted a Russian proposal that says it will transfer control of its chemical weapons to third party agencies.   Syrian foreign minister, Walid al-Moallem says that his country willing to give a diplomatic solution a try to avert a war with the United States.

John KerryAccording to the Associated Press, said it met with Russian officials and agreed to the Russian plan to “derail the U.S. aggression.”

These developments have delayed the timetable of striking Syria in retaliation for allegedly using chemical weapons on its own people.

The Senate plans to delay its vote on Syria that was scheduled for today, and the House of Representatives still plans to take up to two weeks to debate the request for military action in the war torn country.

President Obama seems hopeful that, “We will pursue this diplomatic track,” Obama said during a Fox interview.  Obama says he is hopeful the diplomatic solution will work and a military strike could be avoided.

The mainstream media seems to have the ‘tick tock’ wrong on this story.  The MSM has Secretary of State John Kerry saying that the only way that Assad can avoid a potential military strike is to turn all of his chemical weapons to international control.  The media then stated that the Russians heard the Kerry proposal and immediately went into action to come up with a solution.

What the media has failed to mention is that President Obama and Vladimir Putin had a twenty minute meeting at the G20 (remember they were not going to meet due to the Snowden affair) where Obama and Putin talked about a potential resolution to Obama’s Dilemma.  Reports are that this ‘Kerry Proposal’ was planned at that meeting.

President Obama seems to be petrified of hurting his public approval; he fails to act when immediate action is appropriate.   Obama is vocal or silent depending on opinion polling.  He is probably the most sensitive to public opinion since the Clinton administration.

As it stands right now, the media is providing cover for Obama from criticism. The media is focusing on Kerry generating a possible solution, Putin putting it together and Obama standing down to consider a diplomatic resolution rather than a military strike.

Everyone wins!

This whole Syria thing has been an prime example of political theater at its best and worst.

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  1. This approach may work domestically, but around the globe Obama has diminished his reputation and America’s standing. Anyone with two eyes can see through this actor that likes to play with polls. Not working this time.

  2. Syria accepted a Russian proposal on Tuesday to give up chemical weapons and
    win a reprieve from U.S. strikes, while its warplanes bombed rebel positions in Damascus for the first time since the West threatened military action.

    The Russian diplomatic initiative, which emerged from off-the-cuff remarks by the U.S. Secretary of State – John Kerry, marks a sudden reversal after weeks in which the West appeared finally headed towards intervention in a two-and-a-half year old war.

    In the end … this Russian proposal for Syria to give up chemical weapons will become an exercise as successful as herding 100 cats toward a specific destination.