Million Muslim March falls 999,900 Short

Million Muslim March Falls Short by 999,900 (Media Credit: Twitter @Margiegirl1)

The “Million Muslim March” name was changed to the “Million Americans Against Fear,” but probably should have considered changing the name to reflect the number of participants. The “Milli Muslim March” or the “Dozens of Americans Against Fear” would have been more appropriate.

Million Muslim March Falls Short by 999,900 (Media Credit: Twitter @Margiegirl1)
Million Muslim March Falls Short by 999,900 (Media Credit: Twitter @Margiegirl1)

While the exact numbers of participants is in dispute, the majority of reporters said the numbers where about twenty-six while one source said there were hundreds.

Mediate Reports, “photo evidence from the march itself does not reveal anything more robust. WTOP’s John Aaron attended what he described as the “small gathering” on the National Mall, posting a handful of photos to Twitter.”

Conversely, the so-called, “2 Million Bikers to DC” drew thousands. A group who said 2 million bikers” name was “tongue in cheek” and “arbitrary.” They did wish to outnumber the other rally and did so easily.

The Weekly Standard reported, that a memo read: “March Estimates: Police concur that the best estimate on the size of the March will be somewhere in the hundreds, not thousands, of participants. That number may include entire families with children in tow.”

The counter-protest is expected to be much larger. “Counter-Protest Estimates: Police estimate that there could be as many as three thousand (3000) bikers trying to circle the March and drown out the sound of the speakers at the kick-off rally with their engine noise.”

The Twitter aggregator site, Twitchy had some fun with the disproportionate numbers and added photo and video evidence to back up their claims.

First, the “2 Million Bikers to DC” photos:

Next, the “Million Muslim March” AKA “Million Americans Against Fear” Photos:

As we say in the South, “Nuff Said.”


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