Classic: SNL Spoofs Obamacare – Video

Saturday night live started its season premiere with a Spoof on ObamaCare.

The skit opened with Obama introducing different pseudo individuals explaining how ObamaCare is a wonderful program.

The first individual (Jennifer Osbourne) ranted about how she is psyched over ObamaCare. She related that since she has free healthcare,  she can get sick all of the time. She mentioned that she would now get free medicine. Pseudo-Obama then chimes in and says, “That’s not really how its works.” The women than goes on to say she even has stopped washing her hands and is now licking subway poles because she no longer fears getting ill.

The next portion of the skit mentions that due to ObamaCare a child (if you call a 26 year-old a child) may stay on their parents healthcare plan until they are 26 years-old.

A Father-son then take the stage and the father doesn’t seem so happy because he had told his son that if he got a job, he would be able to get healthcare. But since Obamacare came into existence, children appear to think that staying at home until they are 26 is now a right. The father proceeded to examine all the ways the child stays home and doesn’t not contribute to society, ending by calling his son a loser. The child (if you can him that) says, “if I am such a loser, how is it that I have full healthcare.” As a security guard escorts the hostile father off stage he yells, “Chris Christie in 2016!”

Even Ted Cruz made and appearance.  One knows SNL cannot do a political skit without slamming a Republican. But in this case, SNL went on full attack on the Affordable Care Act.  Surprising but very enjoyable.

Well, you get the idea. The skits continues along these lines but one should watch the full video we have included here to see the rest.

twitter went wild with tweets on the SNL ObamaCare skit:

And for you Breaking Bad Fans, Jesse Pinkman made an Cameo appearance by explaining how Obamacare will prevent Meth sales.

Live from America it’s ObamaCare on October 1st!

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