MSM Overwhelmingly blames GOP for Government Shutdown

The nation’s big three news networks are falling right into place for President Obama and the Democrats, blaming the Republican Party for the government shutdown by a whopping 21-0 story count.

ABC-NBC-CBS-Network-logosAccording to a survey by the conservative media watchdog Media Research Center, in 39 stories during the two weeks leading up to the shutdown, CBS, ABC and NBC blamed the failure to cut a budget deal on the Republicans 21 times, both parties four times, and Democrats zero times. In 14 stories, nobody was to blame.

Some examples of how the story is being played on the networks:

– “CBS Evening News” correspondent Nancy Cordes on Sept. 18: “Speaker Boehner was forced into the risky strategy by his right flank … [a strategy] one Senate Republican described to us today as suicide.”

– ABC’s Diane Sawyer: “The president expressed outrage that one faction in one house of Congress is ready to bring the entire federal government to a halt.”

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The Media Research Center reports:

As explained by network news correspondents, the responsibility for the deadlock lies with Republicans for failing to put aside their opposition to ObamaCare. Talking about the initial House Republican decision to seek defunding of the health care law, CBS Evening News correspondent Nancy Cordes on September 18 said “Speaker Boehner was forced into the risky strategy by his right flank…[a strategy] one Senate Republican described to us today as suicide.”

The Atlantic Wire takes a shot at the Shutdown Blame Game:

Happy government shutdown! Now that large portions of the federal government are on hold, it’s time to get down to the important business of figuring out who to blame. Three candidates have emerged: Democrats, Republicans, and the media. And while all three have gotten substantial case-making word counts in recent days, not all scapegoats are created equal. The real question is: who should take the blame for the impending shutdown? We’ve broken down the arguments, and why they’re wrong or right, below:


Republicans are taking on a decent amount of blame for the shutdown, and for good reason: Sen. Ted Cruz spent 21 hours delaying Senate action on a continuing resolution he supported, giving Congress, including his own party, less time to come up with a compromise. House Republicans tied a defunding, and then a delay, of Obamacare to the continuing resolution that still needs to pass for the government to get going again.



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  1. Good story Albert. I think the blame being directed at Republicans was predictable. The president has a formidable campaign machine and the bully pulpit in his corner. He has aggressively gone out to convince Americans that Republican demands are unreasonable and are prepared to shut down the government. The GOP has done very little to counter these allegations. It should be no surprise that the three major networks and cable channels are routing for the president. Only FOX news has taken the side of the House Republicans. Even there many of FOX’s pundits don’t agree with the corner Republicans backed themselves into. Krauthammer and O’Reilly come to mind.

    Personally I think it was a bad move. In my opinion it would have been smarter to let the implementation continue and let the law stand on its own merits. In the absence of a workable alternate plan, what exactly can be accomplished? Not much. You have to fight battles you can win. The defunding of Obamacare was a non-starter. This law is the president’s signature achievement and something desired by Democrats for some time. IMHO the outcome was inevitable.

    The question now is, how the Republicans back themselves out of this corner.

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