The real “Captain Phillips”

April 2009: An American ship captain was held at gunpoint by four Somali pirates inside a lifeboat. The U.S. Navy was on the scene, but Richard Phillips did not see how they could possibly rescue him.

“I did not foresee a good ending,” Phillips told Martin, “because I saw the determination that the pirates had, and they weren’t going to give me up. I was hoping for a rescue, but I thought the chances were slim-to-none that that would be successful.”

In the new movie, “Captain Phillips,” Tom Hanks plays the title character.

Director Paul Greengrass sees Phillips as the quintessential Everyman: “An ordinary man in an extraordinary situation, kidnapped on the high seas . . . Can the Navy get there in time? What’s he going to do in a confined space with four men who are intent on taking him back [to Somalia], ransoming him to the highest bidder?

Hanks, as the captain of a giant container ship, is up against a pirate captain played by Barkhad Abdi, an unknown Somali-American with no real acting experience. It’s the haves of the global economy versus the have-nots.

“At the heart of this film is Tom Hanks coming face-to-face with a captain from another side of the world, and that trial of strength is really what the film’s all about,” said Greengrass.

“When you describe it that way, it really makes you see how much you had riding on that pirate,” said Martin.

“For sure, for sure!” the director laughed. “Luckily, he was good.”

Abdi was born in Somalia but has lived in Minneapolis since he was 14. He and three buddies answered a casting call and ended up nearly stealing the show from a two-time Oscar winner.

“When we first came we all wanted to see Tom, but Paul didn’t let us see him until the first scene,” Abdi told Martin. “The first time I actually see Tom is the first time that I see him in the movie.”

“They came through that door and they just had power and energy and intensity and commitment,” said Greengrass.

Hanks recalled, “Boom! Next thing we know some very scary guys were pointing guns in our faces, screaming at us.”

Greengrass said, “I could see in Tom’s face he was in it for real.”

“It was a pretty terrifying and exciting moment all at the same time,” Hanks added. “I found them so convincing that my lower lip began to tremble a little bit and the hair was standing on the back of my neck. . . You cannot believe your eyes that someone is that skinny and that scary and that fast and has that much malevolence and seriousness in their eyes.”

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Is the ‘Captain Phillips’ Movie Accurate?

Before when hollywood has gotten its mitts on a true story.

It played a little fast and loose with the facts.

In this case, there is a debate going around whether or not richard phillips is the hero that the film portrays him to be.

We are not talking about a wikipedia page, it’s a movie.

That is what filmmakers would tell you that they are trying to take a very complex narrative and smooth out the edges and create two hours of gripping entertainment.

They are not claiming it’s a documentary.

I am showing up at the movies to be entertained.

It depends but many times, these true stories, particularly in oscar season when we see a lot of biopics coming out in spire a lot of controversy about the factual accuracy.

In this case, the charges are emanating from this lawsuit that nine of his crew members have brought against the shipping company, saying he ignored warnings that somali pirates were in the area operating there and endangered the crew.

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