Ed Schultz goes to War with a Veterans ‘Idiot Argument’

Ed Schultz Explodes on Veteran for Disagreeing That ‘Evil Republicans’ Are Hurting Vets: ‘I Am Going to Break Your Idiot Argument Down!’

A retired military veteran called in during Ed Schultz’s radio program on Thursday to respectfully disagree with the host’s claim that Republicans are an enemy to the nation’s vets. Rather than having a reasonable debate, Schultz screamed at the caller, “Russell,” and called his point of view an “idiot argument.”

ed-schultz“I just called to disagree with you about Democrats caring about veterans. I’m a retired veteran with 23 years of service and I don’t know if you know it, but 1 October, 171,000 of us were kicked off our health care. And those ‘evil Republicans,’ as you like to call them, passed a bill in June and it’s been sitting in the Senate and Reid won’t bring it up,” the 23-year veteran began.

“First of all, you have, uh, your facts wrong,” Schultz responded, changing the subject and hollering over the caller when he tried to respond. “I’m not going to freaking argue with you, Russell. You’re full of crap, okay? You’re full of it. The government shutdown hurt the veterans. Is that wrong or right?”

“It hasn’t hurt us yet,” Russell said.

Schultz then vowed to “break your idiot argument down piece by piece!”

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Ed Schultz Berates and Hangs Up on Veteran: ‘Get Your Freakin’ Facts Straight!’

He then tore into the caller once more:

You can pin blame on whatever bill you want to pin blame on. The devil is in the details. The buck stops with the dollar. Who shut the government down? The Republicans. The Republicans. Who’s hanging in the balance right now? That Vietnam veteran with his legs lost, in a wheelchair, his only hope is to get a VA check. Who cut that off? And you’re telling me that you’re worried about health care when you’ve got a situation like that? And there’s 170,000 that were thrown off? Let me tell you how many hundreds of thousands have been thrown off from care because the Republicans have cut the funding to the VA. You gotta get your freaking facts straight, dude.

At another point, Schultz yelled at the caller for calling him “sir,” telling him “I’m not a ‘sir’ to you, the way you talk to me.”

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  1. No surprise there. Schultz is just another Liberal who has been allowed to have a voice. That’s what they do when we’re stupid enough to allow them audiences.

    Like all Liberals, he and and his kin should be exterminated.