Michael Moore to Bill Maher: Stop Attacking Muslims, Christians are worse

An Atheist, a Race-bater, CIA operative, and a Fake Documentary movie-maker walk into a studio…

Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Reverend Al Sharpton, Valerie Plame and Richard Dawkins all got together to debate religion and… well, need I say more? Maher brought up Dawkins’ recent Twitter controversy, involving some controversial remarks about Islam, and said liberals are always so “worried they’re going to be called racist if they criticize people of the Muslim faith.” He contended they’re betraying liberal principles by being apologists for radical Muslims opposed to said liberal principles.

Sharpton argued every religion has “zealots,” but Maher insisted it’s not the same and called the comparison “bullshit.” Valerie Plame and Moore also pushed back against Maher, making the point that there are plenty of Christian radicals all over the world. But both Maher and Dawkins argued that unlike Islamic extremists, Christian extremists don’t casually throw out fatwas and death threats when their faith is attacked.

Sharpton insisted much of the Muslim community has thoroughly denounced the “distorted use” of their faith, while Moore charged that Christian extremists are just as bad because their stranglehold on American politics has kept the U.S. in a scientific “dark age.”

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Maher opined that Islam needs its own Pope Francis to ease the religion away from its radical, destructive tendencies. He asked Dawkins, who has had his own run-ins with Islam online due to a number of anti-Muslim tweets and other expressions of skepticism about the religion, what the author thinks about liberals who are hesitant to speak out against Islam for fear of being seen as racist.

“Which is stupid,” Maher said, “because Islam’s not a race.”

“Well of course it’s not a race,” Dawkins agreed.

“Well if I criticize Michael Vick, it’s not because he’s black, it’s because he electrocuted dogs,” continued Maher.

He went on to say that there are many values embraced by Muslims that are antithetical to our way of life and yet, he said, liberals are afraid to say anything “because they’re a minority and because they’re brown. It doesn’t matter. Pernicious beliefs are pernicious beliefs.”

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Well if President Obama electrocuted Dogs and Republicans complained about it, the left would point out how racist the GOP had become.  Nearly every argument ends with those who oppose Obama being racist or the hate of a black man in the White House.

Maher did point out some striking differences between Muslims and Christians.  Seems when Moore said that there are Christians who would want him killed, Maher struck back and said.. “But they don’t” and pointed out that no one was ever killed over ‘Piss Christ.’

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  1. Bill argues with his guests. He believes that his view is correct one and he doesn’t want to listen to anyone else. He constantly interrupted Moore and Sharpton. His ears were closed. Why even have guests on the show? They couldn’t even finish their sentences. He has two mouths and one ear.
    Yeah I forgot about Superhead.
    AND MaHer sound like an arab name. Stop hiding Bill

  2. Education is the key. Do not judge a religion based on the crimes of some bad people. God left a clear message with every prophet to deliver to all the people. Killing innocent people is not from the religion of Islam. Killing people for leaving the religion is not from Islam. That sounds cultural and/or extremist. If you read the quran and hadith books you will learn. The extremists are doing whatever they want. Who even said they were muslims? They will be judged by the Greatest Judge in their final abode. We all will have the pages read before us and there will be no excuses. These bad people are not a representative of the muslims. Indonesia has 100% muslim population…are they on the news attacking the US? Women in the US are being assaulted every second of day. What’s more abuse than relations with Karrine Steffans.

  3. You’re not a Christian, by the way you express yourself, you’re a devil. Demon baby… The Charlatan is the GOP. Apply for Medi-hare, which is a 100% Christian, non governmental insurance; if Obamacare is drowning you in paranoia.

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