Ted Cruz and the ObamaCare-tastrophe

Or Senator Cruz Rocks D.C.

You may have read about Ted and his upstart, long-shot senate campaign right here on this lowly blog.  Now the whole world seems to have an opinion of this Tea Party darling–mostly negative.  But, as the first small waves of the latest federal encroachment into medicine begin to lap onto the shores of your health care, I’m glad at least someone is sounding a hurricane warning, because the signs are ominous.

Ted-Cruz-Rock-StarAlready, electronic medical record systems designed to control the practice of medicine in unprecedented ways are being adopted from coast to coast.  These costly systems lower productivity and cause dissatisfaction with doctors, nurses and patients and would never have been purchased were it not for an act of congress that threatened severe financial penalties for failure to comply.

And it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services botched the Obamacare roll-out.  If the federal government can’t manage the sign-up process, what chance will they have of effectively managing the entire health care system?

Meanwhile, your local paper continues to bombard readers with anti-Tea Party messages including a piece by Aggie and Consol graduate Dave McNeely.  He quotes former House Speaker Sam Rayburn who likened 1950’s Republican opponents of FDR’s welfare state to Jackasses who “can kick a barn down but it took a carpenter to build it”.

Inadvertently, this analogy represented well the first of the two prevailing philosophies that guide the relationship between the government and the governed.  It sees us as livestock needing to be sheltered in the barn of government assistance.  Never mind that the same barn that may (or may not) protect you from the weather certainly curtails your freedom and consigns you to a dreary existence of smelly dependency.

The other philosophy is represented in sculpture at the George Bush Library.  It sees us as wild mustangs yearning to run free if only someone would have the courage and strength to tear down the walls that limit our potential.

Too many of our fellow citizens believe the lie that they are mules and jack-asses and too many in D.C. are just fine with that.  And, as Senator Cruz has discovered, they aren’t all donkeys.

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