Sex Workers Celebrate Obamacare with Healthy Ho Party

Obamacare appears to have a  “Healthy Ho” Program as Sex workers will be receiving subsidies for Health Insurance with your tax dollars.  Why?, because Prostitutes work off the books silly… therefore they qualify for Insurance subsides.  No W2 , No reportable income = free or reduced price healthcare.

“Healthy Ho” event in San Francisco registers 40 prostitutes for Obamacare. Siouxsie Q, hostess of a weekly podcast called The WhoreCast, organized the event and “staffed” it with volunteers. Finally, a navigator who knows the lay of the land.

Thank You ObamaCare!

This from CNN Money:

Volunteers from Siouxsie’s weekly podcast, The WhoreCast, staffed the event. “Jolene,” another sex worker who had already enrolled through the California exchange, was also on hand to talk users through the process. A key detail for the crowd: Enrollment doesn’t require users to report their employment.

“I am here mostly to put my skill at filling out bureaucratic forms to use,” Jolene joked.

Through the California exchange, Jolene will receive a $211 monthly tax credit, which will bring her payments to just $36 a month.

Individuals making less than $46,000 are eligible for a tax credit to offset their monthly costs. Many of the sex workers at the event file W-2s for their legal work, whether it be a part-time job or sex work that falls within the law. Sex workers interviewed by CNNMoney estimated this income to be less than $45,000 a year.

The Affordable Care Act will cover contraception, screening for sexually transmitted infections, and violence counseling at no additional charge, which the sex workers said would make a big difference in their community. The legislation will also make it more difficult for insurance companies to deny coverage based on gender identity and HIV status.

For Jolene and others in her line of work, it’s cause for celebration.

“I really do think access to healthcare should be a human right, and I’ve been so brainwashed to think it’s such a privilege,” a sex worker and activist known as “Maxine Holloway” said.

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