The Cost of Lying – Gallup – Obama Approval Hits 39%

The Cost of Lying about Obamacare – Gallup – Obama Approval Hits All Time Low 39%

obama_approvalMaybe it’s not just Obamacare. Maybe NSA spying revelations, rough treatment of critical journalists, a lack of transparency, and other presidential foibles have also played a role. However it breaks down, though, Gallup reports that President Barack Obama’s approval rating now stands at 39 percent, which is the lowest it’s been in the past year. It’s also only one point higher than his all-time low, which he hit October 14-16, 2011. That’s a bit of a tumble from the early hopey-dreamy period, when he scored 69 percent in January 2009. Oh, how jaded we’ve all become. Our once shiny, new president has lost our favor. Well…Maybe he actually pushed the favor away.

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Oh my: Obama falls to 39% job approval in new Gallup poll

His all-time low in Gallup is … 38 percent, which he reached twice in late summer and fall 2011 before rebounding. This is why I thought it was noteworthy last week when his favorable rating ended up negative for the first time in that WSJ/NBC poll. He’s had dips in job approval before but retained his personal popularity with voters. People liked him even when they thought he was doing a bad job, which I think provided a floor for his overall approval rating. I’m not sure that floor is there anymore. He’s had a horrendously bad month, from the shutdown to the nightmare to the new wrinkles about NSA spying to, of course, the fiasco of “if you like your plan” having been exposed as a grand lie.

If you supported Obama before because you thought he’d be an omnicompetent best-and-brightest liberal technocrat, your image of him has been shattered by the rollout. If you supported Obama before because you thought he was a straight-shooting hopey-changey fighter for the middle class, your image of him now has to be reconciled with the fact that millions of middle-class people are being forced into more expensive coverage and that O lied, lied, lied his ass off about it for three years. I said it in the WSJ/NBC post and I’ll say it again: Given the amount of crap raining on him, he’s lucky to be as high as 39 percent. If the website can’t be fixed this month and he’s forced to do something drastic like delaying the law for six months, some liberals will abandon him too and he’ll end up in the low 30s. And yes, even a lame duck’s approval rating matters:

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Folks have even compared Obama’s popularity curve drop to that of George W. Bush and Richard Nixon! 

U.S. presidents are typically less popular in their second terms and Obama is no exception.

His current rating remains above the 37 percent second-term average recorded by former President George W. Bush in the Gallup survey. Former President Richard Nixon, who left office in August 1974 amid the Watergate scandal, averaged 34 percent in his second term.

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The 1World Online Poll has President Obama’s approval rating currently at 28%.  S0 we are wondering… Do you Approve or Disapprove of President Barack Obama’s job performance?

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