5 Northern Colorado Counties Vote to Secede

Five of the 11 Counties in Northern Colorado have approved a ballot measure to Secede from Colorado –  The initiative, if passed,  was to explore the possibility of becoming the 51st State, “North Colorado.

In Kit Carson County, 52 percent of voters directed county commissioners to explore secession and 48 percent voted against. In Washington County, 58 percent were for the initiative and 42 percent against.


north colorado flagPhillips County went 62 percent for and 38 against; Sedgwick went 57 percent against and 42.9 percent for; Cheyenne County voters cast 62 percent of ballots for and 37.7 against; and in Yuma County, 59 percent of the vote went for the breakaway and 41 percent against.

In Moffat County, the question failed, with 54.8 percent voting against secession. In Elbert County, 74 percent of voters said “no” to the idea of breaking away. In Lincoln County, 55.5 percent voted against.

The ballot question, intended as a straw poll, asked residents whether their county commissioners should takes steps to secede from the Centennial State.

Fort Lupton Mayor Tommy Holton said Tuesday night that secession probably would not succeed. But he said the publicity would shed light on rural Colorado’s grievances.

“We not only want to be at the table,” he said, “but we want a voice at the table as well.”

Proponents say they have become alienated from the more urbanized Front Range and are unhappy with laws passed during this year’s legislative session, including stricter gun laws and new renewable-energy standards.

“The heart of the 51st State Initiative is simple: We just want to be left alone to live our lives without heavy-handed restrictions from the state Capitol,” said 51st state advocate Jeffrey Hare.

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