Got Insurance? Have Sex! – Feminism Obamacare Edition

The War on Women meme continues to be a Democrat mantra, it was used against the GOP candidate in VA to good effect for the left.  Single women who believe it gave Barack Obama the votes he needed to win in 2012.

Obamacare in addition to it’s many other benefits was supposed to be of great benefit to women.

Yet here is an ad being used to sell it:


Because nothing says “empowering women” more than a Government program aiding them in getting hookups with strange men.

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Fox News calls it Degrading to Women, the Authors think provocative ads get attention.

“It’s degrading to women, and it says a lot about what they think of America’s youth today,” Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., said of the latest ad.

The new ad shows a woman holding a packet of birth control pills, while a suave-looking young man stands next to her with his arm around her waist.

The caption reads: “OMG, he’s hot! Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control. My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers.”

Amy Runyon-Harms, director of ProgressNow Colorado, told the Denver Post that the point of the ads is to “raise awareness, and that’s what we’re doing.”

She counted the additional attention as a positive.

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Emily Miller at the Washington Times is more direct – New Obamacare ads make young women look like Sluts

The latest marketing campaign implies that young women would only be interested in Colorado’s government-run health care exchange if they get coverage for birth control pills to have sex with strange men.

The most offensive ad shows a 20-something woman named “Susie” holding a packet of birth control pills with an open-mouth, wide smile. She is wearing a flesh-colored, low-cut, sleeveless top, tight skinny jeans and open-toed black heels.

Susie is leaning against “Nate,” who is wearing an untucked shirt with the top four buttons undone to show his hairy chest. He has a smirk on his face and one hand in the pocket of his jeans.

“OMG, he’s hot!,” Susie is shown saying. “Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control. My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers.”

Neither Susie nor Nate is wearing a wedding band. There is an asterisk at the bottom of the ad that says, “The pill doesn’t protect you from STDs, condoms and common sense do that.”

A second ad showing a young woman holding a pack of birth control pills gives the appearance she is possible drunk and at a party. “Ali” is wearing a black, one shoulder, silky dress, bare arms and legs and high heels. She is leaning against a cutout of actor Ryan Gossling — a takeoff of the popular meme “Hey Girl.”

The copy reads from the male actor’s point of view: “You’re excited about easy access to birth control and I’m excited about getting to know you.”

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And of Course, you have got to Love the Michelle Malkin take – Bros and hos: Obamacare’s bread and circuses
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