The Myth of Government Sanctioned Utopia

Government Utopia always transforms into oppression.
Government Utopia always transforms into oppression.


In the months and years since the inauguration of President Obama we have seen the White House conducting the most subversive campaign against the American way of life in history. Attacking our Christian heritage, the sanctity of marriage, undermining the economy, and unleashing unprecedented out of control spending, just to name a few maladies, the administration has been on a mission. That mission has been to utilize radicalism to destabilize the reasonable underpinnings of our society.

A paradigm shift for the worse

Substituting entitlement mentality for prosperity consciousness, the federal government pushes a blatant agenda to convert American society from being happy, competitive, and self-reliant to a dumbed down population of low income earners satisfied to subsist on the mediocrity of government subsidy and ever present regulation over the individual. The Obama White House has intentionally chosen to ignore the proven successful formula of free enterprise and limited government for massive social engineered master planning with a smug self-assurance that no one knows what is better for us than big intrusive government.

Implications of submission

When US citizens allow themselves to be seduced by food stamps, welfare, socialized medicine, and other leftist biased programs there is a price to pay. Submitting to higher taxation, the constant invasion of personal privacy of federal agencies who are telling us we are never safe enough, and enduring the selective enforcement of the law with a hypocritical twist now faces Americans under the façade of the Obama White House multi-front assault on decency and liberty in this country. It is apparent that under the guise of a government myth of a utopian society, that definition is in the mind of the beholder.

The myth divulged

You cannot create equality by using class warfare to punish the rich and successful. You cannot ensure that everyone can evade poverty, sickness, or have opportunity offered to them as these issues are based upon privilege that is earned with work, education, and discipline. These attributes are based on personal effort not some Affirmative Action program that awards privileges based upon the color of someone’s skin.

Buying votes

A non-citizen who arrives illegally or by fiat amnesty legislation does not deserve nor do they have a right to free health care. This is the twisted agenda of a leftist government that will jeopardize the economic viability of our society in order to buy votes to remain as the ruling party. The Democrats have co-opted their patriotism for a socialist doctrine committed to disrupting a perfectly good economic and political system to bully the population over the interests of miniscule minority groups who would resort to fascist measures to force others to comply with their demands. Why has the homosexual agenda been allowed to supersede so many institutions and install so many discriminatory laws when only 2 or 3 percent of the populace is actually gay?

Amnesty another attempt at utopia

As racist groups like La Raza advocate forced acceptance by Americans of illegal aliens while providing them with government funded education as many cities in the US face bankruptcy one must demand that sanity be restored to this volatile atmosphere of entitlements and forced government compliance for things most Americans do not support. The illusion of government provided utopia has loomed unsuccessfully in the past and it is clearly demonstrated in Europe. Where government health care has collapsed, economic prosperity is a dream of the past, and the cost of nationalized industries has driven up the cost of living to untenable levels as riots over inflation and currency devaluation has caused violent unrest. Europe is the perfect model for us to examine as the Obama White House forces the nation toward a dangerous course.

Want a prediction?

California stands out as a perfect example of how out of control government has caused state residents to pay the highest state income tax rates, suffer the highest unemployment, not to mention the most cities facing bankruptcy as out of control pension plans exact their fiscal toll. Punishing business start-ups with insane EPA compliance has cost the Golden State precious employment and tax revenue as such corporations as INTEL can find no economic incentive to spend an additional billion dollars to build a new plant there when they can go to any friendly jurisdiction that will not impose such regulatory arrogance. When state governments such as California create an adverse business environment for employers they will go elsewhere. This explains the failure of the radical formula for control and its crippling implications. California is merely the poster child for the rest of the US if government fascism is not defeated.

Government utopia falling short

The delusional rationale of government run health care under Obamacare is emblematic of forced compliance, inflexibility, and perfect example of how the private sector can out-perform, out-compete, and out innovate a forced centralized government program of costly mandatory compliance. The exceedingly embarrassing failure of the government website that has cost tax payers 600 million is just once example of how government controlled industry only guarantees failure and outlandish cost overruns! In a failing economy that has resulted much from federal policy under the Obama White House already now higher medical expenses await an already shell shocked population of Americans struggling to hang onto their jobs and mortgages.

A president who cannot be trusted

In all this, President Obama has told out-right lies well documented by the US media promising the public that they can keep their coverage if they like it as Obamacare is rolled out and enigmatically presented without clarification. Yet, the opposite has proven true as millions of Americans have lost their health care policies and face the prospect of greater cost with less coverage and higher deductibles. With the average American family facing a loss of additional discretionary income of 300 to 400 a month in lieu of forced Obamacare coverage, a loss of economic stimulus will definitely be felt. With the loss of jobs and hours for employees as the weight of Obamacare is felt we can be assured of more lost economic productivity in America. All for the illusion of government managed utopia.

Bottom Line

Any government that imposes strategies that are proven failures all over the world, but will force the populace into submission for the sake of an ideological agenda without respecting the freedom of its citizens, no longer governs. The Obama administration long ago gave up representative government for ruling the people regardless of their defiance to ineffective policies and restrictive laws. Yet this perpetual lie of government sanctioned utopia is offered as a false promise and insult to our intelligence at the cost of our freedoms and economic stability.

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