Oprah Winfrey – It’s Because He’s Black

Oprah Winfrey to BBC – Many Americans Disrespect Obama Because He’s Black

American broadcaster and actress Oprah Winfrey said there was a whole generation of racist people who were “born and bred and marinated” in racism who would never change their ways, but that would die out. She spoke to the BBC’s Will Gompertz while in the UK to promote her new film The Butler, in which she plays Gloria Gaines, the wife of a White House butler.

Doug Ross says:

Consider the hypocrisy of this self-made billionaire — who leveraged the most wonderful, beneficent, tolerant society in the world to become incredibly wealthy — trashing her own country. The overstuffed, over-made-up kook known as “Oprah Winfrey” — if that is her real name — is truly beneath contempt.

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  1. Did she really think he said, “You lie” because Obama was black? Had Obama been white, did Oprah honestly think that man from the State of the Union Address audience would have thought what Obama said was the truth?

  2. The BBC interviewer began his question – and Oprah defined it for him – racism ‘around the world.’ She then immediately morphed her answer to a singular American one. Not only that, ‘O’ spoke of the starting point of racism being here, in the U.S.

    Hey, Ms. filthy rich ‘O’, got news for you. Racism didn’t start in America. Check Africa, check the Left’s beloved Nazi (socialist) Germany, or any other country in world history!

    See, that’s the problem with these ‘white-haters’. There is only one color to racism. White. Just as Obama’s – and for a time, if I’m not mistaken – Oprah’s as well, minister believes. Jeramiah Wright has a hatred for white people, and I think so do Obama and Oprah.

    She also mis-stated the one who called out in Obama’s State of the Union Address, “You’re a liar”. He didn’t say that. Truth means nothing to these people. What he said was, “You lie”. Big difference.

    But only if you hold the truth as precious.

  3. More race denial from Politisite–now backed with screeds from people who think Benghazi and Fast and Furious are a “thing”! So racism no longer exists, huh? Because that’s the point she’s making. Sad Politisite continues to support examples of bigotry and ignorance.