C’est un Peu Trop: Hot Mic Reveals Truth about the UN – Interpreter Apologies

Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where the only problem is Israel?

This is the sweet world the 4th committee of the UN General Assembly lives in: On Thursday the committee had adopted 9 resolutions against Israel – and rested. One of the resolutions called for handing over the Golan Heights from Israeli to Syrian control. You read it correctly: the UN 4th committee wants more people to come under the crushing violence of the Syrian civil war.

The 4th committee’s total performance for 2013, as reported by Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, included 22 resolutions against Israel, and 4 dealing with the rest of the world. I wonder how much money was spent this session on sustaining the 4th committee’s fantasy world for another year. How much talent and capabilities of well educated people put into this task: diplomats, lawyers, advisors, interpreters…

One interpreter was struck with a moment of realization this Thursday’s session:

“I think when you have… like a total of ten resolutions on Israel and Palestine, there’s gotta be something, c’est un peu trop, non? [It’s a bit much, no?] I mean I know… There’s other really bad shit happening, but no one says anything about the other stuff.”

Yes, her mic was on. She wasn’t aware of that, and thus a glorious “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” moment was born, documented in this video: [watch on YouTube]

Via Jewish Journal

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