The JFK Assassination Darkest Moment in American History

A President America still misses.JFK and brother Bobby.
A President America still misses.JFK and brother Bobby.

Fifty years ago today in November 1963 an event occurred that forever shocked the American public and launched our nation beyond the bounds of its innocence into a new sinister realm. President John F. Kennedy was shot to death as his Lincoln Continental Motorcade slowly cruised through the streets of downtown Dallas amidst the throngs of adoring fans. Many theories and accounts have been offered and tested to establish plausibility, but to date, the only thing we can be assured of is that Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged shooter, was not alone, and may very well have been the “fall guy”.

Adored by the people

President Kennedy was perhaps the most beloved US President in history. His popularity along with the faith of the people in his leadership made him popular and adored by almost everyone. It is said that even Russian citizens wept in the streets of Moscow upon learning of Kennedy’s untimely death.

A Cowboy remembers

The former late and great Dallas Cowboy quarterback, Don Meredith recalled how his world changed forever after President Kennedy was assassinated in his North Texas town. The Cowboys were scheduled to play a Thanksgiving football game following the tragedy and quite predictably lost in the wake of being so stunned by such an unbelievable and un-American development.

A lasting scar in the hearts of Americans

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy remains the source of unknown speculation and conspiracy theories to this day. The American people have been cheated of the truth as well as having faith in the integrity of their government as 50 years after this infamy, the answers are not forthcoming. The death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a World War II hero PT Boat commander will forever mark the era of America’s transformation from a nation incapable of such an act to a world power that fell from grace in the very midst of the “Cold War” era, and reverted to the unthinkable depths of fascist regimes of the past such as Russia and Germany, where assassination was an accepted medium of expediency.

An impotent official version

Conspiracy theories understandably abound over who was responsible. It is clear that the truth has been withheld from the people and that the single lone gunman theory is not only inadequate but an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Over and over again expert marksmen have attempted the number of shots fired over a 4 to 6 second interval from 6 stories up in a window of the book depository that overlooked Dealy Plaza, and the simple truth is that the shot that killed Kennedy was practically impossible. Couple this with forensic evidence that the President was hit by a bullet in the throat just seconds before the fatal head wound as was seen on the Zapruder film, and suspicion quickly becomes realization that more than one shooter was involved, and likely an organized effort was professionally fielded.

It was quite clear by the voluminous findings of the Warren Commission that the ultimate intention of the widely publicized investigation was simply to quell all rumors of a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. No matter how many times the unworkable theory of Oswald’s lone attempt to shoot Kennedy from the window of the Texas Book Depository, the authorities continued to press their weak case that this was the only conclusion they had evidence to arrive at. The “Big Lie” was reported over and over again until the people grudgingly accepted it after this false explanation had been broadcast enough times over the airways.

The theories all have some basis in fact

There are many theories, and we will briefly go into some of them here in order to illustrate the wide spectrum of possibilities. One prominent hypothesis was that an angry group or perhaps bitter veterans for the failed “Bay of Pigs” fiasco killed the President in retaliation for Kennedy pulling the plug on air support for the failed attempt at overthrowing Castro in Cuba. This resulted in a force of mercenaries and Cuban soldiers who hated the Communist regime established by Castro to be defeated and wiped out by the Cuban army. Understandably, and well trained survivor of that ill-fated mission might have wanted to exact vengeance on the President.

Don’t mess with the Fed

Another theory that has been taught by Jim Maars in college classes was that John F. Kennedy had been murdered by the Federal Reserve for establishing 4 billion dollars in silver notes as legal tender that were backed by silver as a tangible asset unlike the typical US dollar. It is said that Kennedy who detested secret societies that wielded power over the American people intended to end the Federal Reserve by establishing currency that was backed by precious metal such as silver unlike Federal Reserve Notes backed by gold, but continually diluted by inflation and recession cycles as paper money was printed without being backed by equivalent assets. The fiat currency today we know as the US Dollar is currently more than 17 trillion in deficit and only worth a fraction of its original value in the 1920’s. Certainly President Kennedy represented a threat to this private corporation that prints money and has international influence using world bankers to control monetary policy and supply.

LBJ could have had his reasons

Many have blamed Vice President Lyndon Johnson who reportedly resented both John and Robert Kennedy. It is said that President Johnson felt as though he had been treated with disrespect by both brothers and harbored smoldering contempt for the Kennedy administration. LBJ could hardly wait, according to sources, to get Kennedy down into territory that Johnson had influence and control over in order to make his plans succeed. It seems that Vice President Johnson had many powerful and wealthy friends capable of financing such a bold and secret undertaking. It was Vice President Johnson who had the motorcade that President Kennedy was murdered in completely cleaned up prior to forensic investigation of the vehicle which would have thwarted efforts at finding any clues in the presidential limousine. Johnson also sequestered an archive of all evidence concerning the assassination sealed and unopened for 70 years! One might also consider the reversal of US policy in Vietnam as interesting.

An obstruction to big money

Many including film maker, Oliver Stone, has speculated that since Kennedy had made it clear that the US would resist entering the war in Vietnam and even pull out all military supervisors as time went on, that this would lead to his untimely end. According to theorists, defense contractors, aircraft manufacturers, arms dealers, weapons makers, and every conceivable industry connected to war including the Congressional districts where industry would hire all stood to gain from a war in Southeast Asia. When Kennedy announced that the US would not pursue an overseas conflict there, profiteers angry over losing opportunities over an impending war drafted plans to overthrow US leadership with one lethal blow.

A mobster with a motive

Others contend that President Kennedy’s well known promiscuity with such women as actress Marilyn Monroe sealed his fate. Why? As the popular actress carried on with Kennedy she also was having an affair with Underworld crime boss Sam Giancana who was known to have despised the Kennedy’s for the support that the mafia influenced unions threw to JFK in his election bid as a result of father Joseph Kennedy’s influence. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, JFK’s brother, led a bitter campaign of prosecution against organized crime once the Kennedy administration took office.

Joseph Kennedy made his fortune as a bootlegger during the Great Depression, and his many criminal ties were used to get son, John Fitzgerald elected in the 1960 campaign against Richard Nixon. It is said that gangster Giancana was spurred on to put out a hit contract on the President as a result of pillow talk he had gotten from actress Marilyn Monroe perhaps even her suicidal overdose was viewed by the mob leader as Kennedy’s handiwork. It seems there were many who stood to either gain from Kennedy’s death, or who wanted revenge against the young and dashing President.

Kennedy not the typical Democrat

Today Kennedy’s actions as a leader are still admired and discussed in contradiction to the present day Democrat party that has been co-opted by socialism. In Kennedy’s day the posture of the Democratic Party was much different and definitely more patriotic to the American cause than the present incarnation of the Obama White House who is ravaging American society with radicalism. In contrast to the present JFK was very much a conservative.

The patriot

President Kennedy was a staunch enemy of Communism and rampant socialism. President serving in the US Navy and suffering from injuries he received from the war was also dedicated to the cause of the US armed services and even established the SEAL teams as elite commando operations in future US conflicts. As opposed to the present over spending and taxation without representation of the Obama Democrat machine, President Kennedy gave Americans tax cuts that helped to stimulate consumer spending and allow the US to enjoy economic prosperity under his term. Ronald Reagan’s stunning economic recovery from a democratically caused recession under President Carter is said to have been modeled after President Kennedy’s original tax cuts. Under President Reagan in the 1980’s more than 20 million jobs were created. This surely in part can be attributed to President Kennedy’s original tax reduction approach to an economic recovery during his administration.

His policies needed today

It can be said in view of JFK’s legacy that he was bold enough to have forced the Russians to blink and back off during the Cuban missile crisis, yet indecisive enough to create enemies over his last minute withdrawal from support of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. Kennedy was against foreign control over the US monetary system, he hated secret societies and spoke out against them, and he took a strong stance against Communism the world over.  When looking at President Obama’s sheepish foreign policies today, one can only long for a strong leader like JFK in today’s world. With his sound fiscal policies and compassion for the American tax payer what a breath of fresh air JFK’s leadership would have been for Americans today.

Disturbing aftermath

The assassination of JFK will forever stand as one of the darkest moments in US history. Not only the death of this beloved president, but the loss of righteousness that once characterized American domestic affairs is now forever overshadowed in this nation when we look back at this ominous awakening suffered by the citizens of this republic. That such a popular leader could be ruthlessly gunned down while touring a US city without any believable explanation that can be trusted also continues to taint the American system of justice and morality forever. Gone is the trust for the government within our nation as a result of Kennedy’s brutal and mysterious demise.


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