Democrats in trouble! GOP could take 13 Senate seats in 2014 election

The Democratic Party is in trouble!  Just a few months ago, the GOP was wondering if they could even take the majority in the Senate.  Following recent polls, pollsters are now saying Republicans could take as many as 13 Senate seats.  The GOP needs just 6 seats to take the majority in the Senate

A lot has happened since National Journal Hotline last surveyed the Senate landscape. Republicans took a significant hit when their efforts to derail the Affordable Care Act resulted in a federal government shutdown. But the struggles in implementing that law have swung the pendulum back in the GOP’s favor in recent weeks.

election2014Combined with a favorable map, Republican momentum has put control of the Senate firmly in play. In fact, the 7 seats most likely to switch parties in our latest Hotline Senate Rankings are only Democratic-held. If Republicans flip 6 of the 7 — without losing any of their own vulnerable seats — they would control the Senate in 2015.

Overall, 13 of the 15 most vulnerable seats are held by Democrats. Just two GOP-held seats are even somewhat in danger of flipping parties: Georgia, where Republicans could nominate a controversial candidate like Rep. Paul Broun, and Kentucky, where Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell isn’t popular and faces well-funded primary and general-election challengers.

The seats are listed in order of their likelihood to switch partisan control after the 2014 elections. These rankings represent The Hotline‘s current read of the Senate landscape.

See the List at National Journal Hotline

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