True Meaning of Thanksgiving: Forgotten History

An American holiday that has been misrepresented.
An American holiday that has been misrepresented.

The year was 1621 and the first Pilgrim settlers formed an encampment on Plymouth Rock. With the colony established, Governor William Bradford began the task of ruling his followers under the aegis of a communal agreement. In other words, a collectivist arrangement had been organized between the Pilgrims and their financiers as a way of paying back the debt.Under the premise, “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs,” a socialist type of economic system was devised.  From this first redistribution of wealth precept came the acid test for a socialist system of economics.
Astonishing failure
What resulted was nearly disastrous for the Pilgrim colony. This experiment in Communism not only did not work, but nearly resulted in the starvation of the entire colony. Long before Karl Marx ever unveiled his Communist Manifesto to a gullible world, the concept of collectivism had already proven to be a flawed system that could not work at Plymouth in 1621.
On the brink of destruction
By 1623 social unrest, mass consumption of imported supplies from England, and a damning lack of agricultural productivity threatened to not only deem the settlement an economic failure, but literally cause loss of life among the disenchanted Pilgrims. The fledgling colony of 150 residents found that without the incentive of individual rewards for harder work and ambition, contempt for those who were lazy and content to take advantage of the inequities in the system.
Failed economics
Whereas the colony began communally with property belonging to all rather than being divided separately among the families, all fruits of labor being contributed to a collective repository and being distributed equally, and individual property not being allowed, discontent became rampant. Inefficiency and an unwillingness among the able bodied to be taken advantage of by the lazy and opportunistic began to take its toll. Soon the colony was in disarray and disagreement while starvation seemed imminent. The “Common Course and Condition” originally prescribed by the investors as an economic model for their profits was about to blow up in their faces.
A prudent decision
William Bradford wisely chose to abandon the collectivist agenda originally adopted for the Pilgrim colony. In it’s place he established individual ownership of family plots of land. He encouraged individual production based upon the incentive of reward for hard work. Now the Pilgrim colonists could reap the benefits of their individual efforts, save the surplus for themselves, and have more goods to barter with. As a result, the commerce among the settlers grew to new levels of profit.This increased productivity surpassed the minimal requirements of survival at Plymouth and a windfall was gained as a result.
Why it would not work
A colony facing assured starvation, food riots, and unrest between families for unequal effort that was rewarded to all participants at the same level was now remedied with a free enterprise solution. William Bradford had turned his colony around from the abyss of failure and even death. This gave rise to a celebration that was quickly overshadowed when his diary was lost. For years to come the true reason for Thanksgiving was mired in a lack of understanding.
False narrative
When Thanksgiving was given the status of a national holiday the true reason for the occasion was actually wrongly attributed to the Pilgrims being aided by benevolent Indians and accepting their help due to the scarcity of resources. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The Pilgrims were not denied the abundance of resources. They were denied a fair and effective system of government that had robbed them of their desire to succeed and better themselves. Without the incentive to improve their position in life based upon their individual ambition and hard work the Pilgrims quickly descended into discontent and contempt for those who did not equally contribute effort.
The true workable paradigm
A lesson was taught in early America before the original 13 Colonies of British descent were ever established. An effective economic model that would be the basis for a future great nation known as the United States of America would become a world leader thanks to these wise precepts. In view of this staggering success of economics and human potential using a capitalistic system, one might ask just why our present Obama White House continues to defy this lesson in self reliance. One might ask just why Europe, who has been wracked with riots entitlement demands by a population who expects government sanctioned subsidies to control their lives, continues it’s faulty economic model of socialism.
Replacing the truth with a lie
It was not until many years later after Thanksgiving was acknowledged as a national holiday that the memoirs of Governor William Bradford were finally recovered. Unfortunately, his wisdom and leadership in the turn around of a doomed colony were overlooked and forgotten as a false premise was exalted as the reason for the observance of Thanksgiving. William Bradford’s example might well have served the interests of future governments and individuals who cannot seem to grasp just why collectivism does not and cannot work in the world today just as it was proven to be disastrous then in 1621.
Such are the misconceptions about history that lead us down the road of false presumptions, ineffective paradigms, and ideologies better left on the drawing board as opportunistic individuals seek to warp the original intentions of our ancestors and lead us down a path that was never envisioned for a great nation such as America as it is now under siege by the progressive left who will stop at nothing to distort the original message handed to us by our ancestors who knew the value of hard work as it was the only thing that guaranteed prosperity and equality as opposed to the destructive effect of big government today running amuck and trying to discredit the private sector.
Another important point of the Pilgrims Plymouth settlement was that they were committed to establishing a Christian society. Their charter mandated this. Their defined purpose for establishing their colony was, in fact, pursuing their right to worship without any government’s interference or persecution. Just as the Pilgrims, who intended to worship the Christian God, so did the framers of the US Constitution decades later. Few acknowledge today that the founding of a western society in North America was intertwined with Christian morality so that our laws and legislation would reflect ethical influence. Separation of church and state was not to be defined as keeping worship of God out of government, but was intended to keep government out of the church. This intended distortion of the truth characterizes the today’s propaganda targeted at the Christian heritage of America.

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