Respect For The Office of The US Presidency?

A President who neither deserves your respect nor to enjoy the freedom of the innocent.
A President who neither deserves your respect or support in light of the damage he bestows upon this country!

You often hear liberal Democrats shouting, “Respect the office of the presidency!”  or maybe,” you radical right wing conservatives need to have respect for the President!” To these statements I would have to respond that we Americans need a good reason to respect the office of the presidency such as having an oval office executive who conducts a representative government or, at the very least attempts to hear the voice of the people. None of which is currently taking place on Capitol Hill.

When the servant becomes your master

Our federal government has conveniently forgotten that it is to be the servant of the people and not the ruler of the people as we have seen increasingly in recent years as an all knowing all seeing big government imposes its will over the American public. Without even disclosing the full and unambiguous content of crucial legislation such as the Affordable Care Act, our federal government has passed sweeping legislation that would control large percentages of the US economy, increase government spending, the national deficit, and taxes on the besieged American population without our consent or purview. So, you are telling me that I should worship the office of the presidency regardless of the intrusion of unconstitutional conduct and lawlessness?

Allowed to wreak havoc

The very strength of such a government as the Obama administration now is dependent upon the ignorant acceptance of destructive law and policies by a public largely oblivious to the conundrum and blindly devoted out of sheer denial. This is the way that the Obama White House and Democrats aim to run the country as they censor the news, alter federal statistics such as labor figures and the stunted economic growth of the US economy so that the opposing party is silenced along with the truth. The failures of the Obama White House are many and multi-faceted yet the low information voter that has been indoctrinated, cultivated, and capitalized upon is the very foundation upon which this flawed leadership is buttressed upon.

Respect is not automatically awarded

Respect is that rare commodity that should be earned with noble actions and intent, not excuses, deception, and agendas that must be carried out in opposition to the will of the people, yet this has characterized the actions of the Obama administration. From the lies used to explain away the tragedy at Benghazi and the lives of 4 Americans to the refusal of the President to sign off on the Keystone Pipeline project at a time when jobs and the cost of energy were at an all-time crucial juncture in the midst of a failing economy and evaporating foreign policy. However, our President Obama would rather make partisan political decisions that do not benefit the best interests of the American people, but only his radicalized Democratic party.

No accountability

When past American presidents have taken responsibility for their mistakes and blunders, President Obama has pressured the Supreme Court, dictated his terms to the opposition as opposed to reaching across the aisle as he had promised during his election campaign, and deftly excused himself over his part in potentially criminal actions. From the Solyndra fiasco to bypassing Congressional approval to commit US forces in the Libyan civil war, President Obama has blatantly flaunted the US Constitution with a court system and Congress, who have refused to bring him to justice. Where, I ask you, is the conduct becoming of a patriotic and wise leader who has the best interests of American society in mind?

Lack of qualification

President Obama, has never led a life that lends itself to the American experience. He has never held a job, managed a business, or even served in the US armed forces. He has no philosophical alignment with the American middle class. The President has no fundamental understanding of economics nor does he care to be enlightened. At a time when America is critically close to a monetary crisis caused by excessive federal deficit spending, President Obama continually calls upon Congress to pass more spending bills under the faulty methodology of using government spending to generate economic stimulus. This more than epitomizes his ambivalent attitude toward the plight of this nation and its dwindling middle class.

Disloyal from the very beginning

Having entered American society as a foreign student who took out federal grants (subsidies) to attend Harvard and Columbia University which did not require the grade standards that American citizen students were required to make, a young Barack Hussein Obama reportedly maintained poor class attendance, infuriated professors with his laziness, and refused to disclose his academic records after his inauguration into office. Is this the personal conduct of a leader that we should trust? Does this kind of behavior merit respect from those that he is responsible to? The president takes an oath of office when elected to preserve and protect the US Constitution. Why? Because the US Constitution stands as a guardian for the individual rights of US citizens and their protection from the tyranny of an out of control federal government. President Obama has stated publicly that he has a problem with the US Constitution.

The eternal struggle for liberty

Since the beginning of human history the dictators, blood thirty rulers, and collectivists have sought to suppress human rights and tread upon individual freedoms as they represent an obstacle to draconian power mongers who want only control over the masses at any cost. We are seeing the transformation of the federal government here in America from a republic that upholds the will of the people to a dictatorship style of rule that seeks to impose its radical agenda upon an apathetic public who is in denial as well as a determined percentage of Americans who do not want to see America fall from grace as a beacon of freedom on earth and a successful model of government for the rest of the world to follow.


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