Further Implications of the Orwellian America

America is in the grip of an Orwellian reality that the public refuses to acknowledge.
America is in the grip of an Orwellian reality that the public refuses to acknowledge.

In discussing America’s fall from grace over human rights and the privacy of its own citizens we need look no further than the Obama White House for the imposition of fascist policies targeted at radicalizing this country. According to key personnel who are employed by defense contracting firms for the Defense Department, ominous ripples in the fabric of our once free society are planned for implementation by federal agencies committed to an agenda that most Americans would consider not only unpatriotic, but the example of what most brutal dictatorships have initiated through- out human history.

Sleep walkers

How could the sleep walking American public ever have been seduced by the ramblings of an untested and untried junior Senator by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, who was advertised in a brochure of his bio as being a foreign citizen of Kenya? Pay attention to the aforementioned phrase “sleep walking” because this is an inherently correct description of the state of the majority of Americans. Yes, the low information voter is largely responsible for blindly accepting the propaganda of the US media as well as ignoring the legislation process on Capitol Hill. With the frightening consequences of recent laws that President Obama has signed into existence, it won’t be long before the coffin lid will be slammed shut on the traditional freedoms we as Americans once relied upon.


Worse will be the actions taken by the federal government to quell perceived threats on their radar. Persecution, discrimination, censorship, and worse are on the horizon for the American people as the full impact of the future execution of Obama administration directives are speeded up in anticipation of the President nearing lame duck status under his second term. With low popularity poll results and the abysmal revelations of numerous scandals that seem endless, you can bet there will be an urgent push to implement even more draconian executive orders and little discussed laws that will further the intrusive authority of the NSA and FBI, who are presently on a population wide fishing expedition to gather more private data than at any time in American history.

We can expect the following actions on the part of federal authorities if the present agenda of the Obama administration is allowed to come to fruition:

  • Shut down or censorship of conservative talk radio
  • Shut down or censorship of Christian talk radio
  • Expulsion of all Christian troops serving in branches of the US military
  • Required signing by all employees of defense contracting firms of contracts outlining heinous acts violating the US Constitution
  • Promoting of federal employee mentality that is fiercely opposed to citizen opposition to the corrupt acts of hostile federal agencies
  • Preparedness of all authorized federal agencies including the US Army for the forceful interdiction of the domestic zone interior of the United States effectively putting US urban existence on a war zone footing
  • With the weakening of US foreign policy by the US State Department and the gutting of the military budget by the Obama White House a major act of terrorism can be expected in a large US city


The damning signs

Will that event be the catalyst that the federal government uses to justify a power grab of unprecedented proportions that will violate all previous Constitutional conduct of our leaders on Capitol Hill? Will this cast the US into a civil war between American citizens, soldiers and peace keeping officers of law enforcement who choose to rebel against the reprehensible actions of our corrupt federal government? Is this why billions of rounds of ammunition have been purchased by such federal agencies as FEMA, DHS, Social Security Administration, TSA, and the IRS in anticipation of an impending confrontation with the general public?

From the mouths of insiders

The answers to these disturbing questions remain to be seen, but one thing is for sure, everyday more whistle blowers are coming forward to reveal inconvenient truths about the unsavory motives of the growing security state in our country that threatens to plunge America into an age of darkness and iron fisted rule not seen before in our history. All of this because the collectivist factions under President Obama who feel that their arrogant presumptions are superior intellectual arguments to a successful system of economics and freedom that has been a beacon of light for the rest of the world for the last 200 years. Not to mention our president whose ambivalence and contempt for the free enterprise system is demonstrated by his insistence on lavish government spending, selective law enforcement, and continued assaults on the moral conservative heritage of America.

When good men do nothing to stop evil

We can talk all day about the corruption on Capitol Hill, the complicity of the leftist leaning US media, who parrots the propaganda of the White House, but what about the sleep walking American public? Drugged with the opiate of self- indulgence, preoccupation with the empty content of the TV networks, ball games, and the continued failure of education on the government funded public educational front, the American people have been willingly led like sheep to the slaughter.

Sheep to the slaughter

Just as in “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells our general public in denial will play the role of the impotent Eloy who will be herded and dominated by the Morlocks, a subterranean race who use terror and deception to control their benign counterparts. American society may very well devolve into this horrid analogy as the public continues to ignore the disturbing transformation of the American Constitutional Republic into a leftist regime using fascism to implement its policy. This will be the irony of the original vision of our forefathers who gave America a viable socioeconomic model with which to govern future generations of Americans under the master plan of individual freedom.

The comatose American public

Already, many see America as the epitome of the George Orwell novel, “1984” which predicted a massive police state both intolerant and hostile to the concept of individual rights and ideologies that are opposed to their draconian doctrine. Using brainwashing and liquidation of dissidents with extreme prejudice, George Orwell’s vision of a nightmarish future should resound like the liberty bell through-out classrooms across America as the impending fate of this nation if the American public continues to sleep walk through day to day life without bothering to pay attention to the developing police state mentality of our government. As the unseen shadow government who is dictating a dangerous direction for America continues to push this nation into being a godless regime of ruthless leadership that will stop at nothing to advance their cruel agenda, only a sleep walking public can blame its very own apathy as part of the reason for this abominable shift in American politics.



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