Liberals Demand to see a Mexican Mans Papers – Why?

When I read that Liberals demand to see Soopermexican papers to prove he is a Hispanic, I had to giggle at the optics of it all.  Bet they also want him to produce photo ID when he votes as well.  Why?  Read On.


As a Hispanic conservative, I often marvel at the bilious vitriol that the left reserves for those who would dare threaten one of their most dearly held religious dogmas: minorities are exclusive property of the Democratic party. Any who might transgress against this holy writ shall be excoriated and attacked. Verily, verily, I say unto thee.

photoThat’s the greatest reason why I maintain my anonymity in my capacity as a political commentator, and that’s also why certain leftists find it irresistible to further attack me. Some even go so far as to accuse me of not actually being of Mexican descent, and demand evidence of my Mexculinity.

No, I’m serious, they do this.

So they basically demand that I show “them my papers.” My response can be summed up by the venerable old saying, “Badges?! We don’t need no stinking badges!”

One such attack has surfaced from the foetid depths of irrelevance from a Hispanic left-wing website. The hastily written and poorly argued screed betrays an obvious desperation for attention from a poorly visited site begging for the page views such a critique might generate.

Read More – My Response To Liberal Accusations That I’m Not Mexican

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