The Ideological Transformation of America

America under the coup of lies and radicalism.
America under the coup of lies and radicalism.

There was a time when taking aid or subsidy in America from no matter what form be it a government hand out to a local community soup line was considered shameful, and, at best, only a temporary situation. In that era, not so long ago, there was a very real sense of purposeful achievement and independence. Receiving charity was looked down upon and only for the disabled and crippled. In this, not so distant time, pride in one’s own self-reliance was considered a much desired level of personal status. This was the very pinnacle of success in America, not because everyone was wealthy, but because everyone knew that prosperity must be earned, and they were anxious to strive for this.

The perfect monster

This age of relative bliss ended when Democrats, liberals, and collectivists found political value in creating dependency, creating complacency, and creating a disdain for the affluent and wealthy. This campaign against higher achievement and attaining wealth was achieved by demonizing anyone who had more than they did. Using the basic tenets Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” class warfare was formulated as a strategy to demoralize and destabilize American society. By creating envy, hatred for the wealthy, and alienation toward the hard work and discipline it took to achieve wealth, liberals effectively originated a cornerstone narrative of social d division whose falsehoods would resonate with the gullible and uninformed.

Rationalizing mediocrity

America is comprised of a free society that allows differing ideologies to be voiced unlike most nations where little tolerance is shown for opposing politics or differing ideas. As a result as our forefathers warned after they drafted the US Constitution that future generations of Americans would need to maintain eternal vigilance in keeping that perfect union of state and freedom alive. Yet, the wolves always remained at the door. With the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia came the delusions of the west that somehow Communism was not such a bad alternative to free markets, freedom of speech, and the right to compete for privilege in western society, particularly America.

A tool of the greedy

Even rich and powerful families in western society saw Communism as a great way to control the masses while limiting the competition for innovation and other family dynasties that might arise and present them with market competition. If American society could be reduced to an obedient class of low intellectual level workers who despised the trappings of materialism then there was little chance of the ascendance of bright and creative challengers. Less of the pie would need to be shared with competitors when they were more likely to be farmers, blue color workers, and government employees rather than capable entrepreneurs, who could present a real threat to the monopolies of these prominent and entrenched families.


False prophet

Like most disingenuous frauds, Karl Marx formulated his Communist Manifesto as a way of leveling the playing field between the rich and the poor through a strong centralized government that used confiscatory means to penalize the prosperous in order to elevate the poor and lazy to form some kind of a supposed social utopia. While he lived off of friends and those fascinated with his political hypocrisy, Karl Marx dabbled in the stock market himself just like the affluent class that he so despised. Marx may well have been visionary in one respect though. He predicted the fall of western society, particularly the capitalistic economically driven society in his “Ten Planks” dialectic. In it Marx postulates that overregulation and excessive taxation would wreck the prospects for a western society that could weather the turbulence of social coexistence.

An unlikely prediction

In this sense Karl Marx was correct as taxation without representation became the cry of the 13 Colonies in their rebellion against the British government of King George prior to the American Revolution even though the British were oppressing free markets and an asset backed monetary system. Marx foresaw literally the success of capitalism being compromised but by the very liberal agenda that he himself envisioned as the utopian answer to inequity. The ideological transformation of America has been achieved not by valiant effort or the ingenious work of brilliant minds, but rather by the bungling of an arrogant federal government that has squandered tax payer money and anointed itself with the false assurances of its own delusion. That delusion is born out of social engineering and the forced compliance by a society (America) that instead of improving its present condition has actually caused economic recession and social unrest by attacking institutions once held sacred because they advocated spiritual values now opposed by the radical agenda.

What never should be

The assault upon a free society and the free markets created by our founding fathers is very real and very devastating. An ideological transformation of America has taken place quite ironically through the destruction of the very successful system that served the United States so well for more than two centuries. Where once a small government who knew its place in a well-managed society has now grown to monstrous proportions, taxes that were once miniscule are now overburden the middle class, and unnecessary laws and regulations threaten to make potential detainees of normally innocent citizens, indeed an ideological transformation now grips America in ways that the people could have envisioned.

Many faces of a lie

Under the guise of such deceptive labels as progressivism, social justice, women’s liberation, the right to abortion, and racial diversity a host of federal deficit producing government programs have emerged designed to force agendas that promote radically sanctioned change that undermines what America originally stood for. Under Constitutional premise freedom of the individual, less intrusive government, and supply side economics free from overregulation, these concocted institutionalizations would have been unnecessary and seen for what they really were: attempts to establish collectivism in a free society.

History’s lessons never learned

However, there’s that nagging need for statists to impose their will over the free. Why the need for a strong centralized government that imposes its will over the people is still being touted when history shows us that Communism, fascism, and dictatorships have failed miserably through-out human history, still the dogma persists. There will always be, it seems, those obsessed with arrogantly forcing others to submit to their warped vision of a twisted utopia that would rather suppress the achievers in order to elevate the poor as though vilifying the economic contribution of the affluent improves the plight of the poor. In reality, this is merely a political tool that invokes emotion without bringing about a solution to an age old problem that did not originate from the wealthy to begin with.

False promises of the left

If we take a close look at a historical perspective we will find that those who so vehemently proclaim social injustice, blame the rich for social inequity, and promote confiscatory taxation, and use excessive regulation to force compliance within the private sector have done little to improve the condition of the under privileged who they have used as “Useful idiots” in the words of Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB disinformation specialist who defected to Canada in the 1980’s. Bezmenov was amazed at the level of destabilization that had been achieved by the left in America at that time and warned the public through his lectures. It appears that the cautions of an intelligence operative who specialized in compromising an established society with leftist rhetoric went unheeded.

Wise words from the past

Today the unthinkable is acceptable. Living off the government as a ward of the state is not the action of a degenerate or parasite. Demanding more of America for the sake of one’s own selfish agenda is the norm. In a speech made long ago by President John F. Kennedy, he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.” These are the wise words that have long been forgotten by the Democratic Party of which President Kennedy was a member.




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