Creating Today’s Leftist American Heroes

As Democrats conducted another one of their campaigns based upon their heralded false narratives yet another fabricated hero rose to the public limelight. That newly created hero was Wendy Davis, Ft. Worth District 10 Democratic of the Texas Senate. How did Wendy attain sainthood among liberals and her Democratic cohorts? Why, she advocates a woman’s right to abortion! Yes, she supposedly stands for women’s rights to health when, in fact, she supports the medical killing of human fetuses near full term birth. This means literally that babies who have come to full term and are not at all premature or in danger of complications due to prematurity, can be terminated after being delivered from the mother. The unborn child, who cannot protest and campaign for its own life is actually euthanized through lethal injection with less consideration for its resultant suffering than a convicted killer in death row.

The emergence of another paper tiger

The Democrats and the left constantly promoting hero worship with deception instead of truth
The Democrats and the left constantly promoting hero worship with deception instead of truth

As Governor Rick Perry launched a directive to close many Planned Parenthood Supported clinics, through-out the state of Texas, Wendy Davis stepped in and led demonstrations against it. Why would Texas Governor Rick Perry push for the closings of these abortion clinics? Many of these, so called, clinics could not even pass health department inspections that would allow for the sanitary standards required for normal emergency and family clinics that would treat patients other than abortion recipients. In other words the clinics targeted for closings were unfit for normal public clinic use. However, Wendy made it sound as though mean and cruel Governor Rick Perry was just having clinics closed for the sake of it.  When these facilities did not meet health codes were closed as a safety measure to the general public. According to Wendy Davis, who characterized Governor Rick Perry as opposed to a woman’s right to choice, was standing up for women everywhere by allowing female patients to be exposed to substandard conditions in these clinics.

Operating beyond the need for truth

We must always remember that the Democrats and their procreated heroes can never allow themselves to be bogged down with the facts, reality, or the truth. These are the more inconvenient aspects of life and issues that they can simply not be bothered with. You see when you have to create a false messiah such as Barack Hussein Obama or a potential gubernatorial candidate like Wendy Davis, a supposed champion of women’s rights they can never allow the truth to get in the way. That simply won’t do! One might keep in mind, however, that when the Democrats, liberals, and leftists of this nation clamor for one of their supposed heroes it behooves one to do some checking because, more often than not, that manufactured hero is not doing anything noble that serves mankind, but will, in all likelihood, be serving the interests of political gain through the typical false narratives that have been spun for public consumption.

Continued failure of the left’s illusion

Most typically we will find that all of the hype over trampled rights of the afflicted and allegations of conservative insensitivity it seems that the best interests of the downtrodden that the left supposedly identifies with and supports never seem to be rescued. Just as President Obama has failed to improve conditions for Black Americans during his terms, still he trumpets his familiar rhetoric of blame against his opponents who had nothing to do with the botched policies of the Democratic Party. This never ending pattern of leftist propaganda is an inherent part of the star maker machinery that is responsible for the creation of the Democratic hero model; an unaccountable illusion conjured up to sway public opinion with. Public opinion is quite ironic when it has been obtained through deception, but leaves it to the Democrats to decide just how much character assassination they must use in order to win elections since the American low information voter seems quite impressed without bothering to research the facts.

A public rife for deception

Since fact checking does not seem to be a mainstay of the general American public, the Democrats seem always poised to launch more rhetoric, more false narratives, and more false accusations in order to allow their heroes to rise above truth and reason while capturing the votes to get elected. One is best advised when listening to the impassioned speeches made by Democrat sanctioned heroes to weigh the evidence, fact check, and leave the emotion out of it and upon examination they will find the end product. That product will be a hero of suspect credentials that upon further investigation will be repeating the lies of the left.

Dubious distinction

The end result of these Democratic appointed heroes such as Wendy Davis will most likely be inflated claims and more talk than action. One need only hear the motor mouthed diatribe of Debbie Wasserman Schultz who has been caught time and again regurgitating party rhetoric instead of the facts for one to see that this is the way Democrats and liberals operate. Democrats have hung their hats forever on the over exaggerated accomplishments of their past heroic figures of questionable character and motive. Such Democratic icons as Ted Kennedy of Chappaquiddick fame, Bill Clinton known for settling so many sexual harassment lawsuits out of court, Hillary Clinton, who never seemed too concerned about the casualties we lost over the Benghazi massacre, or how about Anthony Weiner, who just can’t keep his unclad physique out of the body of his emails to young women, just as Elliott Spitzer, a frequent customer of prostitutes all stand out as the very best of the fruit that the left has to offer here in America.

Who is more important the party or the people it serves?

It appears that the Democratic Party is more adept at erecting statues to itself rather than looking after the best interests of their constituents as taxes climb to unheard of levels, government spending sets new deficit records, and we find that big government more and more is breathing down our collective necks. How this continued strategy of using deception as a means to an end has worked well with a left leaning mainstream media here in America that would rather fabricate selective coverage than objectively report what really happened. Just as the former Soviet Union used their propaganda machinery news agencies Tass and Pravda to support Communist expansionism during the “Cold War” era, the major news networks for the US markets are in the tank for the Obama administration. Without true journalism in existence anymore in this country, the Democrats continue to get away with their long standing brand of distorting the truth and building heroes from the ashes of liars and degenerates for the naivety of low information voters.

The eternal illusion plaguing America

In the final analysis, it is this flawed and disingenuous system that has reshaped our society into an unproductive and chaotic mimickery of its once great self. America, once the strong entity that boasted world leadership is rapidly becoming a casualty to the war of truth being waged by the falsely created heroes of the left. America is now a bizarre parody of entitlement, capitulation, and lawless government that shrouds the progeny of our brilliant founding fathers who bequeathed greatness to future generations of Americans who now seemed to have dropped the ball and forgotten where the goal line is. All in the praise of false messiahs and heroes with overblown track records that would not stand the light of day, have we seen the very essence of the Obama White House and its appointed figure heads of suspect merit.





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