The Most Lawless White House in History: How

Is the President actually drunken with power? Is his administration really emboldened with their own self-importance and seeming invincibility? When it seems we have a cowardly Republican led Congress, who will not take the initiative and be the viable opposition party they’re supposed to be, this leads us to make damning speculations. One thing is for sure in all this, and that is that before President Obama ever took office a master plan to circumvent the US Constitution had already been formulated by his handlers before-hand.

Bypassing legality

Using our arsenal of surveillance to enable lawlessness at the White House ( Media Credit:  David Pope @davpope Political cartoonist @ The Canberra Times)
Using our arsenal of surveillance to enable lawlessness at the White House ( Media Credit: David Pope @davpope Political cartoonist @ The Canberra Times)

What elements of that plan can we decipher in determining just how this radical president who has no allegiance to the principles that made this country great, were utilized in the soft coup that has been allowed to take place? The President began immediately appointing Czars of questionable political affiliation, people who are radically opposed to the traditional American heritage that has been responsible for the success, social tolerance, and moral example set for the rest of the world to follow. Obama’s attack against the Defense of Marriage Act, interfering with the voting outcome of Proposition 8 in California, and using a federal judge to intervene over the state of Oklahoma’s decision to refuse the acceptance of Sharia Law which was voted on and supported by a vast majority, is just the tip of the iceberg.

How you quell resistance

Why would the states or even Congress allow the federal government to meddle in their state’s rights without using injunctions or attorney general initiated law suits to resist this incessant assault against all things that were within the bounds of the due process of law? Why has this White House been allowed to literally break the law and violate the US Constitution? The Obama White House has ushered in a new era of mediocrity and third world entitlement not before seen in America. Besides attacking the moral fiber of the United States, the administration has also indoctrinated a strong welfare population that subsists on the crumbs of the federal government gladly than face the impact of White House policies that have castrated the US economy with regulations and refusal to instigate free market decisions that would have created jobs.

Intended economic restraints

Simply for the sake of stagnating the US economy with minimal growth if at all, the Obama White House has saddled America with a suffocating blanket of defiance to free enterprise and the support of employers who could have hired many more people by now just for political purpose. This very fact in itself demonstrates just how destructive this administration has been to this nation for its very own ideological agenda.  Our forefathers framed a successful paradigm with timeless capacity for application in the present. Why would President Obama, who has expressed his opposition to the US Constitution, want to disrupt a system that works?

Radical intolerance

The answers to these questions give us an insight into the corruption and leftist insistence upon  eliminating all opposing voices whether their argument is valid and would benefit this nation or not. The left, of which President Obama is a dedicated follower, would hold this nation hostage based upon their political agenda regardless of the damage they would do to America while pointing their finger at the meager if not nonexistent opposition of the GOP. How can this charade possibly be allowed?

Perhaps all of this is not necessarily about just how well executed the master plans of the Obama White House were, even though Junior Senator Obama boasted during a number of interviews that he and his team had plans up their sleeves that would  anticipate each and every scenario that could arise. It is much more likely that the predominantly GOP Congress has been blackmailed either through conventional means of private investigator work conveniently undertaken at drunken parties In Washington DC, the well-known carrot and stick of prostitution used on Capitol Hill, bribery, or maybe even something more insidious than that; NSA surveillance.

Our defense has become our enemy

Under the hammer of the NSA utilizing its incredible arsenal of tracking, UAV’s, remote listening devices, internet monitoring, and political sale for hire by whatever administration happens to be in power, there is a good chance that not only the GOP in Congress but opposition in all states have been neutralized by the threat of coercion. Under the powerful technical veil of spying that has been unleashed by the NSA upon not only the House, the Senate, state governments, the general public, but there are our own allies who no longer trust the United States under the Obama administration. Is it such a far stretch of the imagination to consider that our government has been compromised from within using the very powerful spying agency that was intended to be our guardian against terrorism? What else could explain the incredible lack of opposition to the Obama administration’s assault upon every segment of decency, morality, economic savvy, and protection of our very borders that seems in conflict with this White House?

How lawlessness is enabled

Under testimony by whistle blowers such as, Edward Snowden, the accusations of marginalizing reputations and assassinating the character of political leaders do not necessarily have to be definite proof. Only ambiguous innuendos supported by spying data that does not necessarily point to law breaking can and will be used to eliminate the threat of those who oppose the White House agenda. Spying is, and always has been, an awesome tool in the influence over those who are deemed expendable or obstructions to the plans of those ruthless enough to use these tactics. It is quite evident that the Obama administration is quite ruthless enough to use such tools against their opposition, and, quite possibly, even worse.

The ultimate weapon

Taking this, likely strategy, into account, as the perfect method of melting the opposition with no outward signs of strong arming, or blackmail, the use of the superlatively thorough NSA obtained evidence would be the most effective tool. It could be used to dissolve organized resistance to the destructive and radical passage of the legislation we now see that is transforming America into a haven for the entitlement population, terrorists, and foreign influence that has no philosophical alignment with the vision of our forefathers whose wisdom far exceeds the pompous and self-serving blundering of lawmakers today who allowed the greatness of America to descend to the depths of despair.


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