DVD Review: “King’s Faith”

King’s Faith” is an independent, Christian-themed film that will surprise audiences with its redemptive storyline, gritty characterization and quality acting.  Brendan King (played by Crawford Wilson), released from juvenile jail after being convicted on drug charges and aging out of the foster care system, lands in a small suburban town.  Fortunately for Brendan, he is taken in by Mike (played by James McDaniel) and his wife Vanessa (played by Emmy Award-winner Lynn Whitfield) who lost their police officer son during a deadly traffic stop.  The irony of their dead son being “replaced” by the convicted felon Brendan drives much of the film’s emotional drama.  Actors Whitfield, McDaniel and Wilson are all excellent in their roles and they take “King’s Faith” beyond what could have been just a pedestrian story and make the film an enjoyable, inspiring tale.

Brendan, who became a born-again Christian during his incarceration, struggles to make a new start in life after turning his back on his former one.  Compounding his problems is the arrival of his old gang and its leader Eli (played by newcomer Brandon Correa) who were all convicted and incarcerated for the same crime as Brendan.  Believing he knows where their drug stash was, the gang seek him out.  Unfortunately for Brendan, he is continually hounded by his former gang mates who are desperate to get their hidden drug stash back and out onto the street.  Not finding Brendan open to helping them, Eli and the gang make life difficult for Brendan and those closest to him until he must make the most fateful of decisions.  While Brendan’s story is foremost, “King’s Faith” has other interesting character storylines which play very well on-screen and pay off nicely at the end of the film.


“King’s Faith” is an uplifting, spiritual film that will keep faith-based and non-faith based audiences anxiously waiting to see what happens next and stay to the end.  Director Nicholas DiBella and his team did a great job in scripting and producing an entertaining film while holding a greater message that our past doesn’t have to determine our future.

“King’s Faith” has some gun play, discussion of drugs, threats of and actual physical violence.  It is currently available on DVD via www.kingsfaith.com and retail outlets.  Distributed by Faith Street Films and Provident Films.  Rating: *** (3 out of 4 stars)

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