Congressional Approval ends year at 12 Percent

Things Americans approve of more than Congress -

Congressional job approval up to 12% for December 2013 which is up 3 points from its all-time low of 9% in November. Spinners who spin polls could say that Congressional approval has jumped some 25% from the previous month.

Since we are not going to spin the 25% improvement line (except for our headline,) we can agree with Fox News Host, Megyn Kelly, who said that congress approval ranks closely to hemorrhoids and cockroaches.

Apparently, Congress has some major upside potential!

Things Americans approve of more than Congress -
Things Americans approve of more than Congress –

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ job approval ratings for Congress in 2013 averaged 14%, the lowest annual average in Gallup’s history. Congressional approval has averaged 33% since Gallup began measuring it in 1974, with the highest yearly average of 56% reached in 2001.

Americans’ low evaluations of Congress appear to be a “new normal,” with average ratings below 20% in each of the last four years, including an average approval of 14% in 2013 — the lowest in Gallup’s 39-year history of this measure.

The Founders set up Congress to be an extension of the American public itself, with elected representatives sent to the nation’s capital to do the people’s bidding. Americans’ approval of the job Congress is doing has never been extremely high on any consistent basis in recent decades, but over the past several years, it has reached new lows. This, to some degree, reflects the currently divided nature of Congress, with the correspondingly reduced stake both party groups have in defending the institution. It also most likely reflects the country’s generally negative economic circumstances, and Congress’ continuing inability to agree in a timely fashion on fundamental budget and operating legislation, resulting in “fiscal cliffs” and the actual shutdown of government in October of this year.

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