Santa says he may Cancel Christmas due to Global Warming

First it was Obama and his minions ruining our Thanksgiving with Obamacare talking points, Now Green Peace says that Santa may have to cancel Christmas due to Global Warming.  This comes after the Antarctic hit a world record low of -135.8 F.  Current Temperature at the North Pole? A Toasty -10F

Yes, Tis the Season for scaremongering, Fa la la la la – la la la la ha ha ha!

This laugh from Save Santa’s Home – (eye roll and and “Oh Brother”)


It’s his home, and where he, the Elves and Mrs Claus produce, organise and deliver presents for all the children of the world. But the North Pole is only a frozen ocean and it’s melting away faster and faster. Santa can no longer function. His warehouse is flooded. All the presents are ruined.

That’s bad enough. But oil companies are trying to drill in the Arctic Ocean around him. They want to extract the oil that – when it’s used – will make the melting of the Arctic all the quicker.

World leaders are ignoring the reindeer’s cries for help as they sink in the melting ice. Even the threat of being on Santa’s naughty list hasn’t prompted a rescue operation.

Sure, lets Frighten  little children this holiday season!  another eye roll!


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