John Boehner and GOP Prolong Fiscal Crisis

Any time that Reid and Pelosi compliment Speaker of the House Boehner you know something stinks!
Any time that Reid and Pelosi compliment Speaker of the House Boehner you know something stinks!


With the federal government currently paying 335 billion a year in interest to fund the current deficit still Congress and the Senate refuse to adopt sound financial policies. Once again the GOP under John Boehner have allowed a compromise under the Ryan and Murray proposal that will increase federal spending by 70 billion for each of the next 2 years while raising taxes. When people like Senator Harry Reid and Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi are complimenting Speaker of the House, John Boehner for his efforts in advocating the latest fiscal disaster adopted by the Republican, you can bet the deal stinks.

The illusion of token resistance

John Boehner demonstrates his lack of resolve as well as leadership of a valid opposition party by condemning conservatives and the Tea Party for demanding more spending cuts, no tax increases, and forcing the federal government to live within its means by reducing its unnecessary size. Speaker of the House Boehner was criticized for once again allowing the Democrats to run amuck and continue their dangerous game of advancing their radical agenda by funding it with more deficits and taxes. Surely a deal must have been cut before-hand when we see no resistance to the incessant Democratic Party’s push for ever increasing deficits while punishing Americans with higher taxes.

Conservatives stabbed in the back

How can anyone explain the GOP’s aversion to sticking with conservative core principles and allowing the Obama White House to steam roll their leftist policies right on through Congress and the Senate floor unobstructed? Especially when the Democratic Party’s excessive spending and taxes will lead to a point of no return where the federal deficit is so high that it can never be paid off while the staggering interest paid on the debt consumes all attempts at paying government expenses while devaluing the buying power of the US dollar. Tax payers will lose three fold as they find that their buying power diminishes as the dollar shrinks, their taxes will increase, and federal deficit is beyond remedy thus saddling that burden upon the up and coming generations of young Americans. They will see a disappearing quality of life that they can only thank the pomposity of today’s bureaucrats for.

No intention taming the beast

Yet, Americans misled by the propaganda of the US media will not see the true criminals here, the Democrat leaders and GOP moderates who would rather deny the oath they took to protect and defend the US Constitution as they enable more appropriations for expanding the federal deficit while also forcing tax payers to accept more confiscation of their hard earned pay. With welfare, food stamps, and unemployment benefits used by the federal government to create dependency rather than enacting employment programs that really work. Why would they refuse to allow US industry and private enterprise to follow their natural course and flourish.  An economic recovery is being intentionally hindered by the Obama White House for political gain in order to thwart the Republicans and make them the scapegoats for bad White House leadership.

An unworkable solution

If the Ryan Murray compromise is voted into law according to supporters, 23 billion in deficit will be trimmed off future federal budgets up to 2023, but this is an intentional illusion. By 2023 the federal deficit may very well be 40 trillion according to projected figures with an inconsequential 23 billion saved. This is not only unacceptable but a dangerous precedent for an irreversible deficit that no amount of taxation from the GDP can pay down, no amount of tax increases can remedy, and the repercussions for the US dollar can only spell catastrophe as the US dollar loses value, and the interest paid by the fed drastically increases the cost of living as it ripples through the financial markets.

The end result

Yet, in view of these facts, Speaker of the House John Boehner blasted conservatives and Tea Party patriots who see the flaws in this insanity. Paul Ryan, the expert on the budget on Capitol Hill who poked holes in the unaffordable lies behind Obamacare, capitulates and negotiates a deal with Murray of the Democrats to continue to enable the destruction of the US economy in the hands of Democrats who have no intention of slowing down their hell bound train of fiscal suicide. This while future generations of young Americans will find little if any opportunity with a cost of living that will stifle their quality of life thanks to the apathy of today’s uninformed public.

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